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The Three ‘E’ Theory of Employee Retention: Empower, Engage, Entrust

The Three ‘E’ Theory of Employee Retention: Empower, Engage, Entrust

Setting up a business is much easier, but managing it successfully is a bigger challenge. And the main essence of having a successful business is the quality of your workforce—in case the manpower is good, skilled and most importantly ambitious enough to accept more and newer challenges, the onus is on the employer to retain them. However that is easier said than done. In other words, manpower retention or more precisely good quality manpower retention is a big challenge for the relatively smaller businesses, especially our system integrators.

The extreme question is why employees leave an organization and why an employer fails to retain? However, every organization tries its level best to hire employees and gives them opportunities to gain another level and look forward.Retaining employees, Empower, Engage, Entrust, DQ Channels, employee development, poaching menace

We can’t deny the fact that employees nowadays are well aware and are much more connected to sources and in turn fully conscious of what they want. So, they are like migratory birds, today on one branch and tomorrow flying away to another.

Perfection, that what’s every organization aims for, both for itself and also for employees. May be it can become a truth in reel life, but it’s not true in real life. Every institution has some flaws and individuals have to deal with it making certain adjustments. That helps the person to grow, but this individual growth can never happen unless your goals are aligned properly with the organizational goals.

According to the HR people, there is no elixir to retain people at work. An organization invests their time, money, training and sessions, but in many cases one doesn’t know what’s going in an employees mind.

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