Theft at Aastha Enterprises, Dehradun accused held

DQC Bureau
New Update

A recent theft incident at Dehradun-based Aastha Enterprises has left channel

partners in the region in a state of shock. The alleged thief, Dr Punit Chandra,

working as CMO (Chief Medical Officer) in the Dudhli region in Dehradun ran away

with a thin client from the company's shop located at Prem Nagar last week. At

the moment Dehradun police have taken the doctor into custody and are

interrogating him further.


The incident took place during a time when all the senior level managers of

the company were busy attending a meeting elsewhere. While two of the

salespersons present at the shop were attending to customers, one customer

walked into the shop demanding a modem. Since no modem was available at the shop

they turned him away. However, the customer did not leave. He kept wandering

inside the showroom giving the impression that he was taking a look at the

products on display. As soon as one of the salespersons went inside and the

other became busy dealing with other customers, the doctor grabbed the

opportunity to run away with a thin client that was on display.

Suhani Khan, Assistant Director, Aastha Enterprises stated, “We only realized

that a theft had taken place in our shop at the time of closing." Later, owing

to the four CCTV cameras that were installed inside the shop, with the help of

other shop owners in the region they were able to identify the thief and lodged

a complaint with the local police station in Dehradun. Dr Chandra had purchased

certain items from a nearby shop-Print Mall, and swiped his card for making

payments, few days ago. “The owner of Print Mall recognized the thief through

the CCTV footage and provided his card details, after which the police caught

hold of him,” added Khan.

"At the moment the thief has been arrested and the police are investigating

the case further. Thethin client has also been recovered. We are thankful to all

those dealers who helped us identify the thief and track him down,” shared Khan.