There is no Short Cut in Life; Hard Work is a Key to Success- Swaran Singh

There are two kinds of persons. One, who does just business and second, who does not believe in ordinary business but they believe in values, Swaran Singh

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There are two kinds of persons. One, who does just business and second, who does not believe in ordinary business but they believe in values, morals and ethics. One of the second kinds, there is one name Swaran Singh, AP’s Business Head, LOTUS Systems & Services, who has established his company in way back in 1994 named Lotus Graphics earlier. Being a collage dropout, he has given himself and his company an identity in Nehru place, the largest IT hub in South Asia.


Early days

In 1994, he has started his journey in business and established a Graphic Designing Company called Lotus Graphics. Swaran’s family has supported when they sold their land and he opted to start his business with approx. Rs. 3 to 3.5 Lakh (which used to a huge amount in 90’s). His company used to outsource the designing work for magazines and denim companies. In 2000, Lotus Graphics transformed to IT business and become LOTUS Systems & Services. “I always had a vision to become an entrepreneur and I left my job as a graphic designer to grow as an IT entrepreneur and I’m pretty satisfied and happy what I am today and what I have achieved.” Swaran Singh said.

According to Swaran Singh, his two brothers Arvinder Singh and Balvindar Singh had supported in his business and worked in Lotus Graphics from 1994-2000. In 2000, Lotus Graphics transformed to IT business as Lotus Systems and Services. Company has done strong marketing to gain identification in the IT market. They have come up with the unique not going into distribution for any products but to sell every product to everyone in open market. Currently, company is doing every product with every brand name.


During the shift, Swaran’s brother-in-law, Satinder Singh had played an important role to get established the company into the IT market and currently, Maya Shankar Singh, AP's Sales Head has playing his part to achieve new heights.

Education and family

Swaran has done his schooling and college from Delhi. He has done his B.Com Hons. in from Khaalsa College (Evening) of Delhi. During his studies he used to work as a graphic designer. In second year of his professional degree, he dropped his college due to his priority in job.


“I am born and brought up in Delhi, though my mother is from UP.  So I was a typical Delhi Boy with lots of dreams about my future. I have done one year Diploma in Computers from Air Force Vocational College, Race Road. I dropped my college to fulfill my dreams and then started my Graphic Designing Business. My family had supported me a lot.” Swaran added.


In 2008, Lotus Systems and Services had developed an online portal, for IT partners in Nehru Place and for the end customer. This is a portal where any member partner can upload and sell their product. Currently there are 780+ dealers and 94000+ products are listed. Dealers & users across India are using and availing benefit in their business and buying from this portal.


Adding into the same, Swaran Singh said, “We had started this portal for our partners and end customer where anyone can have a deep look into the product. For customer, they can see the price, specification and which partner is selling. So it is easy to identify the right product and the right seller.”

Swaran Singh has always been an active personality of All Delhi Computers Dealers Association, (ADCTA). Currently, he is chaired as Secretary in the one of the largest and active IT Association in India.

Challenges and road blocks


Swaran believes that life gives you enough challenges and you have to convert these challenges to opportunities and  live accordingly. In anyone’s life GOD’s grace is the ultimate virtue and without his grace we cannot succeed in our life. People used to say “Work is Worship” – So we have to do business with pure mind as we do worship.

Success mantra

Talking about his success mantra in life, he believes business with honesty and loyalty. “Always be honest to yourself, to your business and to your country. Pay your taxes on time, be ethical for your business and contribute to your country. There is no short cut in life; hard work and honesty is the key of Success. Forget your past and don’t care about your future, live your every moment of life today itself.”


Social Activities

I want to be social and love to spend time to do social activities. Most importantly, pople in my life has supported me a lot to do social and they have taken care of my business. I’m associated with Blood Donation & Organ Donation Drive and supporting these cause by organising Camps on Gurpurabs with the support of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) and in market with the support of different welfare organisations.

Personal dairy


Swaran Singh is blessed with one 16 years son and a 15 years old daughter.  He got married in 1995 to Hardeep Kaur. Talking about his hobbies, he loves to play and watch cricket. According to Swaran, he wanted to become a cricketer in his childhood. Asking on his succession planning, he said, “There is no succession planning. I chose this career without any pressure and it is up to my son and daughter, both are free to choose anything for their career.”

Future strategy

Asking about his future plans he shared, “I want to contribute to the nation and to society. Taking ahead my portal, I have vision to expand this as more and more people can avail benefit from it. On personal note, I don’t have any retirement planning and want to live the life as it comes”.

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