Tibco unveils BPM and SOA to business users

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Palo Alto-based Tibco Software Inc unveiled Tibco Business

Studio, the first software offering in a series of role-based design technology

targeting the business user. This software represents a unified Eclipse-based

environment that integrates modeling, management and simulation to help

facilitate collaboration between business and IT users and optimizes processes,

thereby decreasing time-to-market of enterprise projects.


Unveiling the software at TUCON 2006, Tibco's annual user

conference being held at Orlando's Omni Resort, Ram Menon, Senior VP

(Worldwide Marketing), Tibco Software said, "Modeling and managing

processes is becoming more and more difficult and there is ongoing pressure to

reduce the time from design to execution. Tibco Business Studio streamlines

complex processes, simulates what if scenarios and encourages process

optimization, helping our customers realize a return on their solutions even


As Business Process Management (BPM), SOA and business

optimization technologies evolve, so does the complexity of the processes that

they manage. According to a Gartner report, Business Process Analysis (BPA) and

modeling is becoming a starting point for BPM projects and compliance

activities. The assistance of a tool with visualization and other features, such

as simulation and activity-based costing, is essential to optimize business

processes and realize BPM cost and time savings.

According to Menon, Tibco Business Studio addresses the

challenges of incorporating assets, both inside and outside of the organization,

modeling them into business processes and simulating how they would perform

prior to deployment.


Earlier in his inaugural address, Vivek Ranadive, Chairman

and CEO, Tibco Software, brought the house down when he started his speech

saying, "I have a lot of similarities with Dilbert." Then on a more

serious note, he went about espousing the cause of the Service Oriented

Architecture (SOA), which Tibco is so passionate about. Bashing companies like

IBM and Oracle, he thundered, "Database Oriented Architecture is an

architecture for extortion. There is a sea change occurring. Now it is the era

of Service Oriented Architecture."

TUCON 2006 is the annual user conference of the $446 million

Palo Alto-based Tibco Software Inc, a business integration and process

management software company that enables real time business. The theme of this

two-day conference "Learn, Engage and Leverage" was designed to

facilitate attendees' opportunity to collaborate with an extensive network of

Tibco experts, partners, peers and industry leaders. The basic idea is to

deliver on their real-time vision and deepen their practical knowledge of BPM,

business optimization and SOA.


(Travel for this story was sponsored by Tibco).