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In this Column in DQC under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the Tirupur Information Technology Association (TITA) Tirupur.

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In this new and unique Column in DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the Tirupur Information Technology Association (TITA) Tirupur, Tamilnadu, and gathered deep information, and insights into the association, and the Tirupur IT Market.


History/ journey of the Association.

The inception of TITA dates back to the year 2008 when we started with a mere 39 members. At that time, we were grappling with a string of issues emanating from the distributors' end. These issues ranged from payment conflicts to other related matters. One of our motives was to conduct Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, Conventions, Trade fairs, and Lecturers to publish Articles and Magazines and make known to the public the activities of the Association.

Through perseverance and dedication, we have managed to grow our association to a total of 150 members to date. It is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our members that we have been able to overcome many challenges and continue to thrive as a community. Our association is registered with the Registrar of Tamilnadu Societies and is also affiliated with the Confederation of IT Associations and FAIITA.


Association activities in the last 6 months

In the last 6 months, TITA has organized a medical camp for our association members. We have also organized training sessions for our members on the launch of new products or services in the market. There is a compulsory annual general body meeting of the members. We also do family outings for our members. Moreover, we as a community participate in social activities where we are associated with an orphanage. Our members came forward and arranged notebooks, pens, and some other stationery for the underprivileged children.

How is the market performing in the last 6 months?


It has been slow due to the rise in the online market.

What are the primary business verticals for this market?

Servers, laptops, biometrics, UPS, hard disk, we deal in most of the IT peripherals.


What are the different challenges/ issues with the vendors or customers?

Online pricing is the biggest challenge. Many E-commerce websites sell products at lower prices as compared to their original market value. Which creates a difficult position for our members to gain profits.

Which are the top-selling services/products?


HP, Dell, etc. Mainly Laptops are the top-selling products.

What are the different business verticals in your city?

Tirupur is famous for its garments export business. It is famously called the "Knitwear City of India". There are more than 1000 operational businesses in the textile domain. Certainly, with time Tirupur is growing in the emerging IT arena as well.

How many cloud partners are in your association as members?

10-15% of the members are currently operating as cloud partners.