Top IT Associations in India- TCCDA, Hyderabad

In this new and unique Column in DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the TCCDA, Hyderabad, Telangana.

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Top IT Associations in India TCCDA Hyderabad

In this new and unique Column in DQ Channels under Top IT Associations in India, we have covered the Twin City Computer Dealers Association, Hyderabad, Telangana, and gathered deep information, and insights into the association, and the Hyderabad IT Market.


History/Journey of the Association

Twin City Computer Dealers Association was formed in the year 1998. Initially, it started with only 17 members but now it has grown to a total of 450 members. There is an old saying, "United We stand Divided we fall". Basically, this also goes with this association.

There were issues related to distributors and delivery issues, then there were payment issues where members encountered defaulters who ran away at the time of payment. So the best way to address these issues was to form an association and resolve them collectively rather than individually.


Association activates in last 6 months

Post-Corona Association has lost its zeal and enthusiasm like before. As a result, there is a decline in activities. Pre covid the association used to host seminars at hotels and other such events, but now webinars are a preferred choice by the members. Citing the transportation issues and to avoid traffic members prefer webinars to adhere to the technical issues.

TCCDA hosts meetings or events if there is a big issue to address. The annual meeting is there where members gather and we also promote business in these events.


How is the market performing in the last 6 months?

The online segment is getting huge day by day. The dealer segment is getting hit very badly as our business has a physical presence. Consequently, we bear the brick-and-mortar prices which add up to the cost of the products. The biggest problem is e-commerce crashes the prices drastically. The Showroom concept is on the decline as the younger generation prefers to shop online.

There is stiff competition among the suppliers as demand has decreased. So for the last 3-4 months, we have witnessed a slowdown. The numbers, the percentages of profit has decreased in the last quarter.


What are the primary business verticals for this market?

From laptops, and desktops to electronic components, and servers. Gradually experienced members cater to niche segments of high-end servers, back-ups, etc. The rise in cloud computing is leading to an increase in demand in this segment.

Which are the top-selling services/products?


According to volume-based sales PCs and Laptops are the top-sellers. Scanners and high-end servers also have a high demand and are quite profitable. Some of the members have also started to enter the Mobile domain. To cater to the younger generation partners offer a wide range of products.

What are the different business verticals in your city?

The IT sector is booming in Hyderabad. Apart from that traditional manufacturing units are there, textiles, pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, Hyderabad is known as the " Vaccine Hub of India". Leading vaccine manufacturers are based in Hyderabad.

How many cloud partners are in your association as members?

Top distributors and members have started dealing in cloud computing. Approximately 25-30 members are cloud partners in the association.

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