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Toppr’s exclusive CSR association with Teach for India

With the intention of closing the gap between education and technology, mobile app for personalized learning, Toppr, has established a partnership with its most prominent non-profit organization Teach For India.

Teach For India are working towards building a movement of leaders in the education sector through their two year Fellowship program, a two-year full time program where graduates and working professionals commit to providing an excellent education by teaching in low income and under-resourced schools.

The association is part of Toppr’s intention of making learning more efficient for lesser privileged students in under-resourced schools. For this, they have targeted the Teach For India classrooms across Mumbai and Pune that are equipped with computer labs. As part of the collaboration, the online education platform is offering its Learn Module free-of-cost. Between 13th and 20th October, for every 4 modules sold on Toppr, 1 free module will be given to a Teach For India student.

Toppr’s Learn module, specifically for students in classes 8th, 9th and 10th, can enhance the efficiency of their board exam preparations. It consists of two parts: Video Lectures and Question Sets. Available on both Android and iOS, it can also be accessed on systems with basic specifications through a Wi-Fi connection. Thus, as part of the tie-up, Toppr is expected to give away its study modules worth INR 15,00,000 to the organisation.

Commenting on the association, ZishaanHayath, CEO & Co-founder of Toppr.com said: “Toppr is on a mission to personalise learning. With Teach for India, Toppr is taking steps to overcome the challenges of inequality in education. We take great pride in the association, and are confident that technology will only further aid them in their efforts.”

Teach for India official, Venil Ali, City Director Mumbai said, “We are thrilled to kick off the Toppr campaign and look forward to having our students benefit from the invaluable training meted out by the Toppr modules throughout the academic year.

We’re grateful to them for working closely with the low income schools in Mumbai to enhance the overall experience for the students by helping them learn various concepts via interactive videos and other digital learning aids, taking us further on the path towards making an excellent education attainable to all.”

Toppr has become India’s most comprehensive education platform for classes 5 to 12 by building personal learning and technology products that work hard for each of its users. With more that 10 lakh doubts cleared, 85 lakh tests taken, and with 11 crore questions practiced, the platform has been able to enhance the learning experience of thousands of Indian students. Toppr is built on more than 1 million learning pieces, including questions, solutions, concepts, and videos.

The platform’s community of 8000+ educators from across the country helps students 24×7. More than 2 million students have signed up for the app. Toppr has a strong presence across the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur, Jaipur, Kota, Vijayawada, Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, Gurugram and Baroda. Toppr’s daily active users spend an average of 110 minutes on the app with more than 90% of students continuing their school education, renewing their subscription, shows a tremendous user engagement and retention.

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