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You too, like me, may have come across efficient people. From their demeanour, behaviour and communication it is evident that efficiency oozes from every pore. They are ruthless about performance and go about their business in a manner to match.


Such people may be like music to the silent ears of most they encounter, who feel deprived of efficiency. While they exude confidence and should be looked upon favourably, they are not exactly a ‘hit' amongst people.

Rahul, an industrial photographer is approached by a garment company to shoot their new collection. Rahul asks the pertinent questions, arranges the shoot, the client is happy with the pictures. End of story.

Consider this. Rahul is approached by the garment company. He is excited. He asks them questions about their collection, the target audience, the competition, the desired result. He looks up magazines to see what others have done, marks out references that he likes, thinks of props and the treatment of the shoot. He browses the net and gets a feel of the international trends and adds some more options for the client.


Rahul sets up the meeting with the client during which he discusses the options and they explore what could be the best mix for their shoot. The shoot takes place. Needless to say the client is not happy, but elated. The client has got more than he expected. End of story? No. The client is now exploring ways of engaging Rahul.

The bad news is, it is a common phenomenon. The good news is, it is a common phenomenon. You look around and you find most of them aiming low. And when you see most doing the same, you don't feel the need to change your outlook. This may be give you a false sense of comforting complacency, but the bad news is yet to come.

But why do most people look through the prism of utility?


The reason is safety. It's a cosy corner. It is famously familiar. It is a road most frequented and you can hardly lose your way. It is simply satisfying and smooth going without the risk of failure. So while it complies, it stays within the threshold of the known, without venturing into the world of excitement beyond it.

A simple way to show a mirror to yourself would be to ask why you frequent a particular restaurant. Do you go there because you are hungry? Sometimes. Do you go there because you have guests or you wish to avoid cooking that day? Maybe. But you end up going there frequently because the feeling of enthusiasm and elation is beyond efficiency.

When you put in the extra energy, the enthusiasm, the effort beyond the ordinary, you step out of the comfort zone of compliance and satisfaction and into the zone of excitement and delight.


Efficiency is utility. It accomplishes and dies without a trace. Enthusiasm is energy. It is infectious, infuses your senses, and impacts you.

Armed with efficient people you do the necessary. Buoyed with enthusiastic people you look for opportunities and excuses to work with them.

Time to revaluate your approach. Are you efficient? Good. Time to move up. Add a touch of energy.