Traditional Ways Won’t Let You Grow : Sameer Kashyap

related things always so even after starting the business I am learning everyday” said Sameer. Sameer Kashyap is now the Managing Director of Gigobytes,

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Sameer Kashyap

Starting a business is hard. In future it will definitely fruitful, but first it will be hard. The only way you will be able to push through, and make your new business successful through all the hard parts and long hours, is if you are passionate about what you are doing. Follow your dreams and use your knowledge. Your passion, dedication, Time and knowledge will support you to achieve your goals. Sameer is one of the names who chased his dream and still working on it to reach greater heights.



Having graduation degree in B.Com Sameer did a course in hardware from Jetking. “I am a Tech Savvy Person and love to explore new Gadgets. I am interested in gadgets and all technology related things always so even after starting the business I am learning everyday” said Sameer. Sameer Kashyap is now the Managing Director of Gigobytes, Solan.

Business started


Having more than 17 Years experience in IT industry Sameer started his Business in 2000. He was in IT Field even before starting his own business but earlier he was not a regular distributor. After 2002 Gigobytes started doing business directly with National Distributors like Ingram Micro, Redington etc.

Regular Day

Sameer loves to stay fit so he hits the Gym in morning and kick starts his day with exercising. He normally reaches office at 9:30 AM and than regular schedule consists of some internal meetings, dealing with customers etc. Planning for increasing the business is also the part of daily discussions.


Time Before Own Business

“Earlier I was in Automobile Industry and work around 4 years in Automobile Industry. My Maternal uncle had workshop in Delhi and I look after it before joining the business and gained a good experience” said Sameer. Joining IT industry was not Sameer’s earlier thought even he wanted to open a Garage or wanted to go in Car Business like opening a Showroom. But later on in 90s as IT industry started booming Sameer changed his mind and entered IT industry that was the turning point in his life which leads him towards better opportunities.

Business In Near Future


Sameer’s  plans for future business is to grow in Telecom Sector, today he deals in Apple Products and also running Himachal’s First Samsung Smart Café from last 4 years.

Present Position and Achievements

As of now Sameer is one of the Good players in market and showing interest in Telecom also. He is also Enterprise Partner for Jio of Solan District and tied up with all the leading Telecom Brands. In IT Field Gigobytes is commercial Business partner for HP, Consumer partners for HP, Commercial Partners for Lenovo.


Pressure won’t let you Grow

Being Positive will help you to Grow at full pace. Taking Pressure sometimes can divert you automatically from the path you actually want to go on. “One should always be positive regarding the business whatever one do and also always one has to be so keen to look for new opportunities. If you stick to old traditional business than you are having less chances to grow, Always looking for new opportunities will help you”

Plans for Kids

Sameer Kashyap

Sameer is blessed with Two Daughters, and he will love it if his daughters will join his business and will take it further.


Sameer loves biking in hills, Motorsports, Gaming and as a Tech Savvy person love to use new gadgets.

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