‘Try to feel the pain of clients' says Manoj Rathi, DIPL

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Entrepreneurship is in blood, life target is to grow and also make people grow, says Manoj Rathi, director, Diamond Infotech (DIPL)


Diamond Infotech believes that to fortify a company's strengths of unique design and planned implementation; huge experience of handling customer troubles alongside shooting and delivering comprehensive solution to financial markets is needed. Being in the server integration business since 1998, the company follows the very latest technology information about the major launches world over. "This helps us to ramp up our offerings and specifications for any customized server to be deployed in the small and medium corporate space," Rathi says.

Initial Days

"Early days were very tough with no goals and money; it is like a person without knowledge in a river," said Rathi. Rathi never planned

anything for his future and also had no objectives.

Career take-off

Rathi started his career with AVJ Infotech in sales department and he used to get `150 per week. "While working in multiple streams, suddenly i realized that it is important to make a company and to grow it rather than improving personal growth, so I decided to start a company and that is the beginning of Diamond Infotech," Rathi said.

Rathi started his business in 1998 with business partner Subhendu Dhar. Dhar looks after the technical implementation and solution designing where as rathi look after the administration and sales department.

"We have more support manpower than marketing. The support people with their primary targets work on the latest technology for effective IT implementation," Rathi adds.



There are multiple professional achievements from different media companies and channels. DIPL have been rewarded multiple times by DQ Week, Channel World and also by Dell/Intel/Tyco/IBM and more. Diamond awarded as the best SI of Kolkata by DQ Week for two consecutive years (2004 and 2005). Growing at a fast pace, the company is already listed among the top SIs and SPs of the region.

Threats and Dare

"Without proper guidelines and without a brand image there is a tough competition when u want to compete against large SI like HCL/DELL/IBM, and that is why it is very important to make your company as a brand and make it grow accordingly," Rathi said "During my matriculation, our family was going through a financial crisis. And at that early age, my only aim in life was to earn money and establish myself," recalls Rathi. Advised by a well-wisher, he took admission in Aptech to learn software courses. "Computers was the most upcoming option back then, with immense scopes and possibilities," he adds.

He started Diamond Infotech two years later but gained experiences from his previous job. The company started operations in 1998 with just three people, besides another of Manoj's friends. He soon ran into Subhendu Dhar and liked discussing business ideas with him. And today, Subhendu is the Technical Director at Diamond.

Complete knowledge- key of success and Life Mantra

Rathi says "Success is team building and one should always work from grass root level. we both partners can work together and can face any challenge which we call commitment towards our client. If you have knowledge from grass root level than u know how to get it done or tackle it well, always focus on client's need.

"Don't run towards money, run towards brand building and try to feel the pain of clients and then suggest appropriate services to them," are few other advices that Rathi gives to the young entrepreneurs.

Personal life

Rathi and his wife both works in the business sector and looks after individual organization. "We love to spend time with our daughter and friends and we always spend joyful moments with our close friends and family," Rathi said.

Rathi said that he would like to retire at 50 and enjoy life as much as he can.

Future Plans

To make our organization grow in such a manner that it can run into an auto mode, whether we are present or not, people must be connected with this company," said Rathi when asked about his future plans. He elaborates, "Concentrate more on the pain areas of clients and keep on giving them solutions. If somebody says that pains also have a saturation point, I still say there is no saturation." Day by day competition in lower areas is getting intense whereas competition at the top level enterprises is reducing, he theories. "Even if you buy hardware from branded companies, you would still need deployment and you need solutions out of this," he says.