Tuti Shaadi Se Preshan? Mohit Rao, the mind reader has the Gyan

They say it’s all in the mind and it has the ability to either positively manifest or disintegrate a situation. Mohit Rao

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They say it’s all in the mind and it has the ability to either positively manifest or disintegrate a situation. Every individual has total autonomy over his/her mind but some people are more endowed with that sense of power and Mohit Rao an Ace mind reader is one such person.


At a time when relationships are falling apart and divorce rates are at an all-time high there are some relationships which becomes a talking point more than others. Celebrity break ups are the ones that largely fall into that bracket for it has the emotional investment of the fan following as well.

In the recent past, Hrithik and Suzzane’s divorce is one that kept the gossip mill rolling and also left many disappointed. What adds to it is the cordial relationship following their divorce. From parenting their kids with utmost responsibility and being seen holidaying together, seeing them back as a couple has been a dream of their million fans and interestingly Mohit Rao seems to have a solution for this! Not just troubled marriages, but family feuds, sibling rivalries, friendships gone sour, can be healed with Mohit Rao’s powerful technique of telepathy.

Mohit Rao Mind ReaderSubstantiating the situation Mohit Rao, expresses, “The objective is to read each other’s mind through the power of telepathy and make them understand the loopholes, whether they decide to come back together is totally left to the couple or friends or partners. Five powerful minutes is what is required to be in sync with each other subconsciously and biggest of issues can be resolved. Given a chance, I am confident with this technique, Hrithik Roshan and Suzzane Khan can cement their issues too. ”


According to a survey recently, 50% of divorces cases filed happened within the first year of their marriage, proving that people are low on patience, and willing to let trivial issues ruin a bond. Unlike previously, infidelity and impotency are no longer the biggest reasons for divorce; difference in lifestyle, ego issues have become major problems instead.

Ego and trivial issues not only hamper marriages, but relationships in general, be it family feuds or friendships. Ace mind reader, Mohit Rao, would like to reunite estranged couples with his psychoanalysis and a dialogue with the couple.  A firm believer, that a difference in wavelength causes misunderstanding in marriages or relationships, Rao sets a challenge to get separated couples on the same platform and understand their thoughts and issues.

Mohit Rao’s technique, is simple and effective and asks the couple simple and basic questions about each other, led by an experiment on their telepathy. The task’s readings differ from the usual marriage counselling and does not offer advice on how to reconstruct their failed relationship, but strikes a familiar chord and smoothening the wavered connection.

Mohit Rao Mind Reader and Entertainment who performs Shows for Corporate events. He has performed for some of the biggest and best global Brands across India and overseas in 7 countries across 3 continents.

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