Unlimited access with Aten digital KVM

DQC Bureau
New Update

Aten International introduced its first digital KVM extender. The CE790 is an

IP-based KVM extender with automatic cable detection (auto-MDIX) and RS-232

serial functionality that allows access to a computer system from a remote USB

console (USBkeyboard, monitor, and USB mouse) anywhere on the Intranet.

The CE790 system consists of a transmitter (CE790T) that connects to the

computer system and a receiver (CE790R) that is located on a user's desk. Any

number of transmitters can be configured with any number of receivers, providing

access and control of various computing resources from any number of remote

consoles via a standard TCP/IP network.

Both the transmitter and receiver units are assigned a unique IP address and

connect via a single Cat 5e cable, making the CE790 digital KVM extender system

perfect for use in any type of installation where multiple consoles in

conveniently accessible locations are needed, such as control rooms, Internet

cafes, or computer-aided learning classrooms, or where a user wants the various

system equipment to reside in environmentally controlled and/or secure equipment