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WHO urged people to stay quarantined in their home

World Health Organization (WHO) and Health departments around the world have urged people to stay quarantined in their homes in order to stop the extensive spread of COVID-19. As per the Government of India mandated circulars released recently, employees have been asked to work from home in the wake of the recent pandemic which has brought the entire nation to a halt.

Effective immediately, this order has disrupted day-to-day businesses as the precautions demand socially distancing oneself from a person or a group of people to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Several Indian companies have mandated their staff to work from home and ESDS is following these orders too for employee safety and to minimize the spread of illness.

Being a data center and cloud hosting company, there are certain functions that need to run on a 24×7 daily basis but ESDS has raised their awareness levels and has asked their employees who work in non-critical business functions to work from home.

ESDS is taking all kinds of security measures to make them feel secure. Starting from providing masks and hand sanitizers to employees on a daily basis, to carrying out facility-wide sanitization for 3-4 times a day.

Internal canteen staff is asked to wear disposable safety cooking caps and keep their hands clean while handling any food items.

Internal air conditioning systems have been disabled because a study by the National Centre for Infectious Diseases found that the coronavirus could be found in isolation facilities – including in an air duct connected to the rooms. Medical assistance is being provided to those individuals who are even showing signs of a common cold.

Being a technology leader, ESDS has managed to smoothly carry out their day-to-day business by implementing some technologies which may seem basic, but have definitely worked in ESDS’ favor.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and in house developed ESDS eNlight WebVPN, a brilliant tool to securely access privately hosted resources on large scale for a remote workforce, is assisting ESDS’ employees to efficiently work from home and is also helping ESDS’ customers to log in securely in portals for business management.

Departments in ESDS such as Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) have critical 24×7 functions and need to continue for the sake of Government, BFSI and Enterprises customers hosted on ESDS’ cloud platform which needs continuous monitoring.

DaaS is providing ESDS employees with a virtual desktop where they can store and backup their data which they are working on whilst seamlessly sharing their work with their respective team leaders.

With ESDS eNlight WebVPN, clients are able to securely login to their respective product dashboards and portals to carry out their business as usual without any disruption.

These activities are safeguarding businesses while ensuring the highest possible employee safety. Besides this, all our remote offices are now communicating with HO and customers which are efficiently carried out on Video calls.

A Technology that was developed 20 years back which is now helping everyone to communicate without meeting anyone personally.

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