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“Validate Party GSTIN With a Single Click” Rajesh Gupta, Busy Infotech

Rajesh Gupta, Co-Founder & Director Busy Infotech, elucidates BUSY’s competitive advantages over other accounting solutions.

Please highlight the features of the “Validate Party GSTIN” of Busy.

With the help of this feature, the user can validate the GSTIN of parties within BUSY itself.  No need to go to GST portal.

 How Busy validates party GSTIN Online?

Busy connects with GST server in background validates the GSTIN through APIs and the response is shown to the user.

What are the conditions to be fulfilled by the users before accessing this feature?

The user must have an active internet connection on his computer to use this service.

How Busy is offering solutions/ services related to GSITN?

GSTIN validation is an integral part of BUSY Business Accounting Software whereas the user can validate GSTIN of parties any time.

Tell us about the training programs for this feature “Validate Party GSTIN”.

This feature is so user-friendly that it does not require any training.

How to this feature is different from other players in the market?

No other player has introduced this feature yet.


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