ViewSonic launches VX2233wm full HD LCD monitor

DQC Bureau
New Update

ViewSonic announced the launch of its 22-inch full HD 1080p monitor-VX2233wm.

This 22-inch full HD monitor offers an 18,000:1 contrast ratio. The monitor

comes with Clearmotiv 5ms video response time which enables users to watch a

blur-free and HD broadcast quality video. The display also offers Widescreen

Aspect Ratio with 1,920x1,080 super HD native resolution that allows users to

view HD content in its naïve format with no stretching or distortion.


In addition, VX2233wm with 16:9 widescreen features automatic aspect ratio

adjustment that ensures a full, undistorted screen image. The end-user price for

VX2233wm is Rs 11,000.