"ViewSonic will become No. 1 by 2008"

DQC Bureau
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The US premium brand ViewSonic is entering into Indian market with much

fanfare. Though, ViewSonic monitor products are available in India for quite

sometime now, currently it gets more significance since the company is setting

up a shop here and getting serious with the business. "We want to become

No. 1 brand (in display segment) here and will do it by end 2007 or early 2008.

It is just a matter of time before we catch up in the market," said Gautam

Ghosh, Country Manager, ViewSonic Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.

The company is very confident about making it big here since it has wide

range of industry-leading products. ViewSonic claims to be No. 1 brand in many

countries in the US, Europe and Asia continents. Replying to a question on late

entry and competition in the Indian market, Ghosh said, "Competition is

everywhere. When we entered into markets like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore,

China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, it is not that there was no competition

(competitor). But, ViewSonic emerged as the strong/preferred brand within a

shortest possible time. That demonstrates ViewSonic's product range, technical

capabilities and focus in the market. In fact, in Korea (where display giants

like LG and Samsung are headquartered) we achieved No. 2 position within the

first six months," he asserted.

Like any other vendor, ViewSonic is banking on channels for its success in

Indian shores. The company has already got national distributors-such as Roop

Technology Pvt Ltd, Priya Limited and Redington (India), in place. Redington is

a new alliance for ViewSonic, which is just three-months old. "Now, we are

in the process of appointing sub-distributors in Class A, B and C cities, with

the help of national distributors. We will appoint three-four sub-distributors

in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkota, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

And, two partners each in Class B and C cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur, Guwhati,

Visakhapatnam, Bubaneshwar and Coimbatore, to name a few. In all, we will have

more than 100 sub-distributors across the country," detailed Ghosh.


ViewSonic is also making a foray into the retail market. The company is in

talks with major retail chains focusing on lifestyle, IT and consumer

electronics products. "India's retail business is exploding and we are

looking for opportunities in every space. ViewSonic will try to get window-space

in every corner, be it shopping malls, theatres, airports, hotels and other

public joints to get maximum visibility and brand recall in the market," he

informed. The company is also investing a significant amount of money on channel

promotional activities, trainings and other programs.

ViewSonic will form a SI forum shortly to tap the opportunities in the

solutions space.

Last month, ViewSonic made a record business of $1 million in India, selling

more than 5,200 units. The company hopes to double this number every month and

clinch No. 1 position in the large and wide format monitors shortly. "By

2008, we will be No. 1 in all the segments," quipped Ghosh.

ViewSonic is a preferred brand worldwide in stand-alone market and has about 15
percent market share in LCD segment.


"India is getting into a matured market now investing on upgrading

lifestyle. And, we feel this is the right time to penetrate in the market,"

he added. Currently, ViewSonic sells CRT and LCD monitors in the ratio of 70:30,

which will become 50:50 by Q3 2007.