VMware Cross-Cloud on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

VMware, Inc. has announced its Cross-Cloud services are now accessible to customers via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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VMware Cross Cloud on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

VMware, Inc. has revealed that its Cross-Cloud services are now accessible to customers via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This integration allows VMware customers to utilize Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in conjunction with VMware Cross-Cloud services, enabling a more streamlined migration and operation of applications on OCI. This collaboration empowers users to enhance innovation, accelerate processes, and bolster the resilience of their operations.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a comprehensive platform catering to Oracle customers searching for reliable business applications and services. It offers distinctive solutions, including those that expand upon Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, providing a centralized hub for all their business needs.


VMware Cross-Cloud services comprise a range of multi-cloud services enabling customers to develop, operate, and oversee Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) applications. Enterprises can leverage their current Oracle Universal Credits to access VMware Cross-Cloud services via private offers, facilitating the modernization of their crucial business applications on OCI. This approach provides customers with a swift and seamless transition to the cloud.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace now offers instant access to the following VMware Cross-Cloud services:

VMware Tanzu: 


A flexible application platform designed for creating, managing, and optimizing modern applications across multi-cloud environments. Tanzu offerings in the marketplace encompass VMware Tanzu Mission Control Self-Managed, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and VMware Tanzu Application Service.

VMware Aria:

A comprehensive multi-cloud management suite offering complete solutions for overseeing infrastructure and application aspects such as cost, performance, configuration, and delivery. Featured Aria products in the marketplace comprise VMware Aria Universal Suite and VMware Aria Operations for Networks.


VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM):

A disaster recovery-as-a-service solution that safeguards essential data and applications, providing both cloud flexibility and economic efficiency on demand.

“Today marks another step in the continued evolution of the VMware and Oracle partnership as together we help customers in their continued transition to the cloud,” said Abhay Kumar, vice president, of hyperscalers, and technology partners, at VMware. “Building on our announcement that Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is available to customers through our VMware Cloud Universal program, we are now making it easier for customers to accelerate app and cloud modernization initiatives using their existing, pre-approved IT budgets to purchase VMware Cross-Cloud services via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.”

“We are excited to expand our partnership with VMware by making their Cross-Cloud services available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace,” said Chris Sullivan, vice president, of Strategic Partnerships, at Oracle. “Our continued collaboration underscores our shared commitment to delivering tremendous value to our customers by providing an even more comprehensive suite of VMware solutions. We look forward to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.”

OCI provides an extensive cloud infrastructure platform that supports a wide array of applications in a secure, scalable, and high-performance environment. It covers everything from application development and analytics to data management, security, AI, and infrastructure services like Kubernetes and VMware. OCI ensures robust security, optimal performance, and cost-effectiveness. Offering multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud, and dedicated cloud options, OCI allows customers to maintain control over data residency and authority, even across multiple clouds. This flexibility enables swift migration of enterprise workloads to the cloud while meeting stringent regulatory compliance standards.

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