VMware Releases VMinclusion Taara E-Book of Upskilling Women

VMware Releases VMinclusion Taara E-Book of Upskilling Women to showcase 50 women whom VMWare has upskilled to help them intheir career

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VMware has released its VMinclusion Taara E-book titled  ‘A Galaxy of Stars -50 Taara graduates share their return-to-work stories’. This E-book consists of stories that talk about the grit and resilience of VMware Taara graduates.  These women were upskilled by VMinclusion programme, so that they could restart their IT career.


January 2019, VMware announced a new initiative designed to address the increasing gender gap in the technology sector. VMinclusion Taara, an up-skilling programmes, was designed to support women who wanted to get back to the workforce and effectively give them a second chance at a successful career in technology. The E-book says that the programme was born of the belief that we needed to do more to empower women in the workplace and particularly within the technology sector. And of the firm conviction that upskilling is the need of the hour for technology professionals and particularly for women who have been away from the industry for a bit.

"The great news is India has some of the highest numbers of female STEM graduates in the world with around 45% of graduates being women. So the future should be looking bright for the Information Technology sector working population to trend strongly to 50-50 gender representation. Unfortunately, this fantastic opening position with graduates statistic does not extend into the workforce past the first few years. The technology sector has seen some success in narrowing the gender gap at the entry levels but only modest change. The challenge for India’s technology sector (and others) is many talented women dropping out of the workforce mid-career. Most of them do not return to work after a career-breaks as the rapid evolution of technology leaves their skills outdated or their confidence eroded. This is an irreparable loss for an industry that continually innovates and constantly needs talent."

--Duncan Hewett, Senior VP and GM, Asia-Pacific & Japan, VMware

Since the VMinclusion Taara programme launched, VMware has seen overwhelming response from women across the country. It says that it has heard many women telling them that the programme helped them rediscover their confidence and made them hopeful of restarting their careers on an equal footing with their peers. VMware says that they saw women giving the program their all even as the pandemic related lockdown doubled their domestic duties. They saw countless organisations come forward to pledge their support to the programme. And, many of their graduates rejoined the workforce as VMware certified professionals. VMware feels that this was the kind of meaningful impact that they had hoped for and is proof that with some industry support and commitment, a career break doesn’t have to hold women back from work. They can prioritise what’s important to them at any point in their life and return to work when they are ready — with upgraded skills.

This E-Book captures just a handful of stories, but it is a celebration of each Taara learner and their triumphant return to work.

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