How Voice AI Will Change How We Interact with Technology?

In merely a few years, the utility of voice-powered technologies has unfolded from simple voice instructions to a whole ecosystem of applications

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In merely a few years, the utility of voice-powered technologies has unfolded from simple voice instructions to a whole ecosystem of applications and int


eraction platforms. Today, notably every individual with a smartphone or laptop is encountering some kind of relationship with voice technology and more. Perhaps you utilized Ok Google to find a way towards a new restaurant or have requested Siri to alert you about an upcoming appointment with your doctor. Last year Google released another Android application – Voice Access, that assists individuals with mobility and motor disabilities to regulate their devices.


Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, Google's Assistant - all these are systems by which big brands are putting resources into voice AI innovation. From the mobile devices to smart homes, there are various utilizations of this tech.


AI-based voice technology is gradual; however, definitely transmutes how we interact with our gadgets, empowering us to perform distinctive undertakings.

Andrew Yan-Tak Ng, a Chinese English computer scientist, and entrepreneur has anticipated that by 2022 voice-based technology industry is proposed to quadruple in revenue.

Voice Assistant Landscape


AI-powered voice assistants can respond to nonverbal user directions. Insightful interfaces connect the recent innovations in human-focused design systems with cutting edge tech, for example, conversational voice, auditory analytics, computer vision, augmented virtual reality. When operating in accord, these capabilities and systems are changing the process in which we connect with data, machines, and one another.

There is trust that works into this as well, and several organizations are in the pathway of battling it out to offer smarter gadgets one prefers for their personal or commercial use.

Furthermore, as a user, you too need to believe that the outcome you get from your AI-based gadgets is precise because it takes into consideration proficiency as opposed to causing chaos by providing you with the name of the best hotel two cities over if needed.


AI is Evolving GPS and Mobile Tracking System

The development of voice AI intensely impacts the eventual fate of in-vehicle interfaces. The pathway shaped by current impacts in AI-development has given way for unprecedented development in  GPS and mobile tracking industry.

As far as in-vehicle experiences are concerned, numerous drivers are already accessing GPS, traffic reports, and weather reports. However, the interest for greater connectivity from customers has prompted constant endeavors for development. Organizations are now putting resources intensely in creating advanced GPS tracking frameworks.


Precise Tracking

Voice AI nowadays can interconnect GPS location functions, enabling the framework to locate users to give timely and precise tracking administration. On getting permission from the caller, the caller's location details can be received in different ways. Thus, with such AI assistants, you can track your family, friends, and employees due to their real-time tracking capability. The devices empower you to keep your loved ones and valuables both secure.

Prevent Fatalities


The AI voice assistant can prevent drivers from taking their eyes off the road. Several modern vehicles are using AI-powered response frameworks. These technologies control driving behavior and distinguish lane deviation and inconsistent vehicle movements.

Perform Basic Jobs

However, the use case of AI assistance goes past that. A really consistent and proficient voice AI can help them in performing these undertakings as well. So to sum up, whether it is finding an incredible lunch spot, tracking the vehicle, looking into directions, or understanding why the check engine light turned on, we need innovation to enable us to perform more while we're busy in driving. For all this to become a reality - Voice AI is the principal element enabling car owners to do all that.


Voice AI Surgency

We've just started to contemplate the forms in which voice AI is going to impact interactions between technology and controlling our vehicles in the years to come. Both software and hardware enhancements are quickly improving the capacity of gadgets to get on and recognize the human language, enabling devices to become precise at foreseeing human behavior and adapt in offering methods to complete tasks.

Seeing autonomous vehicles as a reality, with a foreseen quantity of 10 million road-ready by 2020 - according to Business Insider, integration of fleet and AI technology is on continuous revolution.

Comprehensive integration of IoT nowadays is no doubt enabling drivers, gadgets, automobiles, and assets to work concurrently by cross-sharing significant information. What this implies for drivers is quicker and progressively powerful user-experience with smart assistants. Regardless of whether it is to receive or send data, or oversee fleets, all functionalities of gadgets are improving with AI emergence. Henceforth, AI connectivity determines that voice command incorporation to vehicles is going to be the ratified model in years to come.

Authored by: Vikram Kumar - CEO, Letstrack