VR InfoTech launches new products

DQC Bureau
New Update


November 20th, 2007


VR InfoTech, a Mumbai-based importer and owner of the brand 'Techmatrix', has

launched products like the hard disk multimedia player, FM modulator and

notebook cooler pad. Vikram Mehta, Manager Marketing, VR Infotech said,

"These are the first-of-its-kind products that Techmatrix has launched in

India. The multimedia player can store upto 125 Hindi movies that can be

connected and used whenever required. It can also be used as a gaming storage

device. The FM modulator helps to get connected with a flash drive and will be

very useful for people who store songs in pen drive and require them to listen

while driving. The modulator can help connect the car deck with the pen


Mehta said that the notebook cooler pad is also receiving good response. This

product helps in cooling the notebook as internal fans are not sufficient to

cool the notebook. Usually dealers bundle these products with their other brands

to offer as a value to customers.

VR Infotech has around 150 partners all over the country and operates six

branches of its own. They are based in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune

and Ahmedabad.