Want to commit suicide? Go to Facebook now

Facebook has rolled out new tools to help prevent suicide. The social media giant is integrating suicide prevention tools in to its Live videos to help people in real time. It has unveiled a live chat support from crisis support organisations on Messenger and streamlined reporting for suicide, with the help artificial intelligence. “I wrote a letter on building global community a couple weeks ago, and one of the pillars of community I discussed was keeping people safe. These tools are an example of how we can help keep each other safe,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post.

By integrating suicide prevention tools in Live videos, Facebook is giving viewers an option to reach out to the broadcaster in real time as well as report video to it. The social media giant will then show a set of resources on broadcaster’s screen to either reach out to a friend or contact a help line or see tips.

Facebook has partnered with organisations such as Crisis Text Line, the National Eating Disorder Association and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to provide live chat support on Messenger. Facebook Messenger users will now see an option to chat with someone in real time directly from the organisation’s Page or through suicide prevention tools.

Additionally, Facebook is testing a new artificial intelligence-based streamlined reporting process, one that recognizes pattern in posts that have previously reported for suicide. “This artificial intelligence approach will make the option to report a post about “suicide or self injury” more prominent for potentially concerning posts like these,” Vanessa Callison-Burch, Product Manager, Jennifer Guadagno, Researcher, and Antigone Davis, Head of Global Safety said in a blogpost.

It is testing pattern recognition to identify posts as very likely to include thoughts of suicide. The limited test has begun in the US.

Facebook already offers tools that help people reach out to users directly who’re thinking about suicide or report the post to it. Facebook has teams worldwide that work 24/7, who review reports and prioritize the most serious reports like suicide. Facebook’s suicide prevention tools have been available to users for more than 10 years.

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