Watch Apple iPhone XS Launch Live on Your Mobile Phones Tonight in India

With the iPhone XS launch live, ‘leaked’ specifications and rumored features of the devices expected to be unveiled in the Apple Special Event can finally

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With the iPhone XS launch live, ‘leaked’ specifications and rumored features of the devices expected to be unveiled in the Apple Special Event can finally be laid to rest.

If there is one event that tech junkies and gadget enthusiasts look forward to during this time of the year is, hands down, the Apple launch event. According to reports, Apple is supposedly launching three new iPhones with the 5.8-inch OLED model expected to be called ‘iPhone XS’ and the bigger 6.5-inch OLED iPhone called ‘iPhone XS Max’. Apart from the iPhones, the Apple Special Event ‘Gather Round’, which is being held at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California, will also purportedly see the launch of other devices like Apple Watch, iPad Pros with Face ID, AirPods 2, and MacBook Air 2.

The event is scheduled to start at 10:30 IST (10 am PDT) in California. For the less fortunate like us, who cannot personally attend the launch event due to geographical constraints, Apple is streaming the event live on Twitter. “Join us on 12 September at 10:30 pm IST to watch the #AppleEvent live on Twitter,” tweeted the official handle of Apple. Those who wish to receive updates and reminders regarding the Apple Event need to only favorite the above mentioned tweet, and Apple will diligently do the same for them. Click here to watch the event live on Twitter.

Gather Round will also be streamed live on the official Apple webpage, through which people can watch the event live on their iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac systems and iPod running on iOS 10 using Safari browser. The event can also be watched live by Windows 10 PC users through the Microsoft Edge browser. Chrome and Firefox browsers can also be used provided they are updated and recent versions.

‘Leaked’ Features and Specifications of the iPhone XS

Speculations of the features and prices of the iPhone have been doing their rounds on the Internet for a long time now. Although none of the reports have been officially confirmed as of now, and the authenticity of these ‘leaked’ features can only be claimed with the actual launch of the iPhone XS tonight, we might agree that there is no harm in taking a look at these rumored specifications. Some of the features expected to be present in the iPhone XS are as follows: OLED displays, a new gold variant color, Apple’s new A12 processor paired with 4GB of RAM, and dual SIM functionality.

Also, a new LCD iPhone is being expected to be launched whose name has not yet been disclosed. The iPhone XS Max will also reportedly sport a bigger battery than the iPhone XS. Rumors also imply that the new Apple iPhones will be ‘aggressively’ priced with the iPhone XS Max at $1000 (approximately Rs 72,000), iPhone XS at $800 (approximately Rs 58,000) an the LCD iPhone at $700 (approximately Rs 50,000).

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