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How important is India in McAfee’s overall scheme of things?

We have been operating in India for over 12

years and have a strong foothold in the region.

Our Bengaluru development center which was

started in 2000 is a key location from McAfeeÂ’s

global R&D standpoint. We work with over

1,400 channel partners in India and have a

strong customer base ranging across consumer

segment, enterprise segment and support

requirements of companies.


How is the need for anti-virus solution in Indian enterprises emerging?

Anti-virus is a well understood and accepted

concept in India. However this is only half the

battle won as most users do not understand that

anti-virus is no longer good enough to protect

or block them from the latest malware attacks.

Today, there is a paradigm shift in endpoint

security which has transcended beyond antivirus

on account of the new-age hybrid and

sophisticated threats that slip through the

cracks of traditional anti-virus software.

Over the last decade, the increased usage

of Internet has led to a spurt in cybercrimes,

which have turned from an act of personal

challenge and notoriety, to a targeted and

lucrative enterprise. On the other hand, consumerization

of IT has enabled employees to

bring their own technology to workplace.

The nature of business requires employees to

be connected 24x7; underlining the need for

heightened security. These have been the key

growth drivers for the security industry.

As a natural corollary, the industry is

steadily witnessing a shift in enterprise security

adoption from a traditional anti-virus

approach to an integrated security solutions

approach comprising elements of anti-spyware,

anti-malware, firewall, host-based intrusion

prevention anti-malware, spyware, encryption

and data loss prevention. The need of the hour

is integrated and holistic security solutions

that can manage the complexity of todayÂ’s

hybrid and sophisticated threats landscape

with convenience and ease.


What are your views on the security business in India?

According to IDC report, the total enterprise

security market in India is forecasted to be

$255 mn in 2011. The security industry is

fragmented with various players specializing

across services and security solutions such as

endpoint security, firewall, web security etc.

According to IDC, McAfee is the fastest growing

security vendor in India.

What is the current awareness level for security products? What is the demand that you have witnessed for security solutions?

Majority of organizations across sectors such as

government, telecom, ITeS and BFSI are looking

at revamping their security posture. Apart from

major deployments in the network security

segment, we are witnessing a demand uptick

for data loss prevention, risk and compliance,

firewall and web security technologies across

leading Indian enterprises.

What are the challenges you face in the current scenario from both the enterprise and consumer standpoint?

We are increasingly witnessing more and more

sophistication in the threat landscape with

the emergence of attacks such as Stuxnet and

Night Dragon. Secondly there is an explosion

of new technologies such as mobile devices

and Web 2.0 that makes us more productive

but also more vulnerable to cyber threats. Add

to this, there are a limited number of trained

resources to manage threats across enterprises.

Although we see an improved security posture

at enterprise level, we believe that there is a

lot more maturity required to use security as

a business enabler. The need of the hour is to

have co-related interlocked defense in depth,

which helps organizations to be proactively

secure and also be compliant. This will drive

efficiency and control in cost, as enterprises

move towards an optimized state.


From a consumer standpoint, awareness

about Internet security is the biggest challenge.

Security is as much a peopleÂ’s issue as it is a

technology issue. Consumers are unaware

that it is also their responsibility to protect

their data. Consumers usually assume that the

service pro vider or the PC vendor would take

care of these aspects of data security which is

not the case.

Being an industry leader, McAfee has undertaken

many initiatives to create awareness

amongst all our customer segments and will

continue doing so.

What are the latest technology upgrades from McAfee stable you would like to focus on?

During April-June 2011, we have launched the following solutions:


Enterprise products: (including Enterprise Mobility Management)

􀁺 In April 2011, we launched the latest release

of McAfee Network Security Platform that

includes enhanced botnet control through

reputation intelligence, virtual network inspection

and a traffic analysis port for network monitoring,

forensics and other advanced analysis

engines. Our network security solution extends

interoperability with third-party products and

supports virtual data center environments.

􀁺 In May 2011, McAfee announced the Cloud

Security Platform. This new platform secures

all content and data traffic–including email,

web and identity traffic–moving between an

organization and the Cloud. The platform

delivers security through highly integrated,

modular solutions that protect both inbound

and outbound traffic moving between the

enterprise and the public cloud.

􀁺 In June 2011, we also launched the McAfee

Security Management solution, providing automated

and real-time security and risk analysis

to proactively identify, assess, manage and

report on enterprise security. This solution

delivers complete integration between the

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO)

platform, McAfee Risk Advisor, and McAfee endpoint

products to enable organizations to gain

complete visibility of security and risk events

across any on-premise or hosted desktop,

network, or server.

Consumer products:

􀁺 In June 2011, we announced an extension of

our mobile device portfolio for consumers with

McAfee Mobile Security. The software, available

for both smartphones and tablets, combines

three leading McAfee mobile security products:

WaveSecure, VirusScan Mobile and SiteAdvisor

for Android.

􀁺 In June 2011, McAfee announced the launch

of McAfee Family Protection, a parental control

program that protects children of all ages from

online risks while allowing them the freedom

to safely explore the Internet.

What makes McAfee unique compared to other brands? Can you share examples of your differentiators?

The entire range of our offerings—both ente rprise

and consumer products—take advan tage

of McAfeeÂ’s unique Global Threat Intelligence to

provide an unprecedented level of protection.

This includes security knowhow from McAfeeÂ’s

researchers, threat honey pots and the installed

base of McAfee products to make computer

security on every computer protected by

McAfee smarter and safer, at no additional cost.

With this technology, there is no other security

provider today who can match the power of

the collective threat intelligence resources we

tap into.


McAfee is also the only vendor which

plays across all threat vectors like intrusion

prevention, firewall, risk and compliance, content

security and endpoint security. Unlike

our competitors who are focusing either

on perimeter security or end point security,

we cover the complete gamut of security

technology and that brings a huge benefit to

our customers. McAfee has the largest base of

deployments across the globe which gives us

big advantage over our competitors.

Apart from having a strong R&D team

and products across all vectors, one of our

key differentiators is our proprietary McAfee

ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). Since, McAfeeÂ’s

ePO unifies management of endpoints, networks,

data and compliance solutions and

centralizes control, gives CIOs a single view

of all the security solutions deployed in an


How was McAfee India’s performance in the last fiscal and what are your expectations this year? What are your future plans from a channel perspective?

McAfee has been growing above the industry

growth rates for the last 3 years and will

continue the trend in 2011. We have made

key investments in verticals—government,

banking, financial services and telecom in our

enterprise business.


We expect to capture significant market

share in technologies like web security, enter -

prise mobility management and next generation

FWs and consolidate our position in

technologies like intrusion prevention, endpoint

security and vulnerability manage ment.

We expect to be growing at least 40% y-o-y in


McAfee has 3 focused sales segments for

India, namely enterprise, commercial and


We have enhanced our partner program

and have ensured consistency in our partner

policies. There are 3 levels to McAfeeÂ’s partner


􀁺 Elite: Elite partners handle enterprise accounts.

We have 5 elite partners.

􀁺 Premier: Premier partners predominantly

focus on commercial and enterprise accounts.

We have 25 premier partners.

􀁺 SMB: SMB partners focus purely on this

segment and account for the rest of our partner



On the consumerÂ’s side, our go-to-market

strategy is focused on retail. From a partnerÂ’s

standpoint, we have 9 sub-distributors spread

across key cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai,

Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Pune and


Currently, we have almost 1,400 resellers

in India that support both enterprise and

consumer sales.