We have a huge portfolio for SIs and we keep enhancing it

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Goyal said that Bharti Teletech is looking to add SIs with sound knowledge

about various technologies, servicing ability, those who have good relations

with resellers and consumers and with adequate financial strength


When did Bharti Teletech venture into the distribution space?

We forayed into the distribution space in 2005 with Blackberry and Motorola

mobiles. It has only been about a year since we started thinking about

positioning ourselves as distribution house. Before, we were just leveraging on

Beetel brand and selling consumer products in telecom. Now we plan to go

pan-India with our extensive range of IT products and will do so step-by-step.

We have already started our foray into the top 100 cities in May this year

and established our presence in these cities by this August. Our portfolio

consists of a wide range of products including Motorola handsets and

accessories, BlackBerry, Thomson, high quality cordless phones, modems,

audio/video conferencing products from Polycom, free to air set top boxes, fixed

cellular phones and fixed wireless terminals.

Sunil Goyal, CEO, Bharti Teletech

Why did the company decide to focus on distribution?

We did a study on Beetel and found that it stands for dependability. That

gave us the confidence to leverage on the brand and get into this vertical. Our

belief at Bharti is that adoption of technology will grow.

To encash on the portfolio of growing technology, we are looking at those who

want to develop their products but don't have their direct presence in India.

Not to mention, the consumption of technology is very fast here. Our first

exposure to the scenario was with mobile phones.

Tell us about your system integrator focus.

We were earlier focusing exclusively on system integrator (SI) partners with

IT products like Polycom for its voice and videoconferencing solutions; and

Sharp and Sanyo projectors. We have a huge portfolio for SIs and keep enhancing.


These are the products SMEs, large corporate and government needs and we can

offer them that. We added LCD panels to the list, as offering complete boardroom

solutions is the key. We have Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp brand of LCDs.

Even the Logitech products are targeted at the corporate segment and catered

to through our SIs. Currently, Bharti Teletech has relations with 200 SIs of

which about 120-130 are billing with us every month.

You have recently got into the retail segment. What are your plans on this


We started our retail focus in May this year. In the retail segment we have

added Transcend Products, which will be sold across all verticals-corporate, IT

and retail channel. This is where we have multiple partners-500 across the



Bharti Teletech's focus is consumer IT-branded products. We will enter with

brand pull of these brands. Large format retails (LFRs) will be another focus

area. I can't share much about our mass retail channel initiatives as of now

since it is an area we are just getting into and are still in the process of

finalizing details.

  • How do you like to unwind? What are your hobbies?

    Walking is the best way for me to unwind myself. During my leisure time I
    prefer to watch CNBC, detective serials, movies as well as read management


  • When was the last time you went on a vacation and where was it?

    The last long holiday I took was in South East Asia where we travelled to

    Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. My wife and I have sweet memories of
    this vacation that we took in February 2008. This year I could only manage
    a short weekend trip to Dubai. The pleasure of riding the sand dunes was


  • Which is your favourite holiday destination?

    Goa is our all time favourite holiday destination. Beaches always give a

    good opportunity to stroll around in the early mornings and evenings.

  • What are your favoured means of communicating?

    I am a heavy user of e-mails and SMS. In one go I am able to communicate

    with large number of team members, hence prefer using my BlackBerry for
    both e-mails as well as SMS to reach out to my team and family.

  • Where were you working prior to Bharti? What is the highest degree

    you hold?

    Before joining Bharti Group, I was working with Dabur India. I have been
    part of Bharti Group for last eight years. Prior to joining Bharti

    Teletech, I have worked with Bharti Airtel for seven years. I am a

    qualified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Masters in Business Economics

    and Cost and Management Accountant.

What are the criteria you will be looking for when appointing channel


They would be different for each vertical. These SIs that we are looking to

add to our network include those with sound knowledge about various

technologies, have the ability to service, and have good relations with

resellers and consumers and financial strength.

For each of the products that are in our portfolio we have taken servicing

for them as well. For Polycom we were the first service providers.