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With 15-20% of its business coming from the Indian market, Molex is set to

capitalize on the opportunities here. As a step forward, the company is planning

to strengthen its channel base and launch more innovative products soon


What factors are driving the growth of Molex?

Through 59 outlets and more than 1,000 distributor outlets across six

continents and 34 regional sales offices, Molex reaches out to meet its customer

needs at local as well as global platforms. The company's innovative end-to-end

solutions have helped enterprises of all dimensions to transmit data quickly and

steadily around their communication networks.

We have high-quality manufacturing processes, a global network of

profes­sionally trained installers, highly trained technical and support

personnel. The breadth of our product portfolio and our consultative approach

has been instrumental to our global success, and that is where so many leading

enterprises across the globe deploy our solutions.

Anne Watmore

Director-Global Marketing and Technical Sales Support, Molex Global
Integrated Products Division


What is your go-to-market strategy?

We have different market strategy in different regions. We have been for

quite sometime now in India and have studied the business in this region. Seeing

a good growth, we have expanded our exponential network globalization in last

two to three years. To earn more business, we have increased the number of

people in sales department, and we have expanded our technical support, product

management and operation management system as well. Now we are aiming to come up

with more innovative solutions that will help us move forward.

Please elaborate on your 'from concept to completion' theory.

We started this consultative approach long back, because we wanted to

effectively communicate all our qualities to our customers. We believe in

providing customized solutions to support business needs of our customers for

today and in the future. Our solutions are installed exclusively through a

global network of highly trained certified installers. Hence our support to

customers is from concept to completion. If an organization intends to develop a

new network infrastructure or is planning to upgrade a legacy system, then our

role is to maximize its capabilities, both for present and future.


How do you foresee Indian structured cabling market as compared to the

global market?

The growth here is exponential as compared to other markets around the

world. The development in India can also be seen in terms of technology and

infrastructure. We see lots of international companies coming to India, as a

result of which there are lots of investments happening over technological

growth and intelligent infrastructure management.

What benefits do you provide through structural cabling?

We have quite a few innovative solutions for our customers. Our

plug-and-play solution is already popular in the market. As of now, we have

second layer products where we are offering innovative solutions to our

customers, and the advantages are either in terms of improved management or

faster installation. At the same time, we give our customers more choices in

assembling innovative solutions. We talk to our customers to understand their

needs and assess their requirements by co-ordinating with our team of system

designers, installation partners and technical personnels.

How important is Indian marketplace for your overall business?

Molex has been in India since 20 years. This sub-continent has always been a

very important market for our business. Our revenue contribution from this

region is between 15 to 20 percent of our overall business.