“We want to be a total solution company in the networking field”

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Panduit is banking high on the Indian market and plans to invest heavily

in the country to ride the growth wave, especially keeping the slowdown in the

US in mind. The company is banking on the channel to have a wider reach across

the length and breadth of the country


Do you think that Panduit has entered the Indian market a bit late?

We have been in the Indian market for a decade now and have been working

with BPOs, KPOs and multinational companies. We are well known in the IT/ITeS


We don't want to be a cabling solutions company only and this is why we

introduced high-end cabinets and server racks. We want Panduit to be a total

solution company in the networking field.


How do you plan to go about in the Indian market?

We will be making strategic investment in the Indian market and will be

investing on various aspects right from headcount to infrastructure, branding to

marketing through advertise­ments. We will also participate in events that cater


banking, telecom and financial sectors.

We will also continue with our Panduit Certified Installers program and will

be concen­trating on data centers, fiber routing, identification solutions and

intelligent solutions. At these workshops we impart hands on education to the

channel part­ners technical team about how to define the right cabling solutions

for their clients, identifying the stress points in the network, how to do the

correct crimping etc.

Kumar Natarajan

Regional Director-India and

South West Asia, Panduit


Which sectors are you concentrating on in India?

We are already present in BPOs and KPOs. Panduit is bullish about sectors

like banking and finance, telecom, oil and gas in India. Presently, worldwide

the sectors-wise contribution of various verticals to our turnover is: IT/ITeS-45

percent, BFSI-20 percent, telecom-10 percent, manufacturing-15 percent and

others 10 percent.

Are you providing your channel with any training?

We began the Panduit certified program in August 2007 across the four metros

in India. As part of the program, partners are given product, solution as well

as application training.

How do you provide support in the Indian market?


Presently we have a 24-hour toll free helpline support system, which is

operated from Singapore. We are also appointing people in various regions to

look after the support system. Panduit currently has offices in Mumbai, New

Delhi and Bangalore and plans to open new offices in Hyderabad and Pune soon.

A couple of months ago you were part of the World Strategy meet. What was

discussed in it?

The Panduit world strategy meet was held between February 11 and 15, 2008.

The senior profes­sionals of Panduit arranged it to network with the employees

working worldwide and inform them about the company's aims and future policies.