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Ariba Technologies — www.ariba.com

Ariba Buyer is a
rapidly-deployable eProcurement solution that allows companies to streamline
buying and quickly capitalize on new trading opportunities beyond national
barriers. It securely supports and automates the full buying cycle – from
requisition to payment – helping companies to cut transaction costs, reduce
cycle times, and leverage supplier relationships for greater economies of scale.

Ariba Dynamic Trade is a fully
Web-integrated application for enabling many styles of dynamic trading. The
solution allows participants to trade or negotiate based on all relevant factors
at Internet speed. Realistic prices and transaction terms negotiated in real
time reflect the actual market value of goods at that point in time.

Ariba eForms provide the tools
to automate and streamline virtually any business process including financial
operations, HR procedures, facilities management, time management and billing
for contract employees, and customer satisfaction surveys. Expediting and
automating requests and approval procedures with Ariba eForms eliminates
paper-pushing and manual tracking so employees can focus on more important

Ariba Marketplace helps in
developing advanced trading models and capturing the procurement of diverse
industries. Market makers deploying B2B marketplaces can get quickly to market
with highly effective online trading communities that span the globe.

Ariba Sourcing helps buying
organizations to eliminate costly inefficiencies and cumbersome administrative
tasks in the quote-based sourcing process. The speed and accuracy of real-time
online auctions accelerate the sourcing process, allowing companies to quickly
acquire the goods and services they need at realistic market prices.

Ariba T&E is an easy-to-use
Web-based application for corporate travel and expense management. The solution
streamlines all phases of company travel, including planning, booking, expense
reporting, approvals, data analysis, and reporting.

Ariba Commerce Services Network
(CSN) is a live network that provides – through a single connection – the
network infrastructure and third-party services necessary for all participants
to complete transactions across their operations and product value chains. CSN
is a strategic hub enabling multiple applications to function together as a
single, effective solution that seamlessly links participants to the global
e-commerce ecosystem.

ComPulse Systems – www.compulsesys.com


Virtual Cluster Manager (VCM)
provides a flexible, platform-neutral, distributed and scalable solution for
managing and monitoring mission-critical applications and business-critical
systems. It comes with a standard set of monitoring and event management
components that can be used to start monitoring and managing applications upon
installation without any additional customizations. It covers the system,
network and database aspects of an application integrated into one tool and is
priced at $ 50,000 in the US.

Commerce One Ltd

Commerce One Ltd – www.commerceone.com&n

is an end-to-end process on a proven e-marketplace infrastructure for supply
chain transparency. Design, sourcing, e-procurement, and planning processes are
all integrated into a seamless, collaborative environment.

Solution includes all the products, components, and services necessary to create
and deploy your regional or horizontal business-to-business e-marketplace. Built
upon open, XML infrastructure, this technology enables business-to-business
transactions and exchange of information among buyers and suppliers worldwide.
With its open architecture platform and XML Common
Business Library
, a client does not need point-to-point integration.

Market Maker Solution is a turnkey portfolio of solutions and services designed
to establish a robust and scalable e-marketplace that can support the
increasingly sophisticated requirements of the business community.  

Ditium Technologies - 

The Umero Range of Unified
Messaging Solutions

developed a software-based middleware solution to enable the successful
integration of Unified Messaging (Umero) applications and other communications
like e-mail, fax, telex, SMS and mobile messages to the ERP solutions, CRM
solutions and other main frame systems, currently used by most corporate around
the world. Each of these offshoots have their own modules, thereby allowing
users to either use it as an integration solution or as an all encompassing
unified messaging solution.

Software Services – www.ebizframe.com

Ebizframe is an e-commerce-enabling tool, which allows companies to run their
business of the net very cost, effectively. Ebizframe can be utilized by
Organizations seeking to run their business processes on the net, B2B portals as
their transactions processing engine and organizations using legacy ERP systems
to address their e-commerce needs.


eSourcing Suite includes a full range of technology and service solutions for
organizations with buyer-driven solutions.

Management offers a full-service approach to asset recovery by offering both
online and onsite services. It provides Web-enabled, ASP-based asset recovery
applications that are flexible, reliable, and scalable. When the commercial
situation demands it, we also provide onsite auction expertise. This complete
solution allows FreeMarkets Asset Management to address the full range of
customer requirements.

Global Marketplace with FullSource offering includes a fully hosted marketplace
on an ASP-based platform with no maintenance or hardware requirements. It also
provides Web-based sourcing applications to support buyer and supplier
collaboration and management, including project timelines, data collection, and
Request for Quotation (RFQ) creation and publishing.

services  – www.freemarket.com 

technology – FreeMarkets’ technology includes advanced applications and
tools supporting eSourcing and asset management, including online Request for
Quotation (RFQ) creation and publishing, advanced dynamic price formats, and
seamless integration with your organization’s existing ERP/MRP systems.

operations – FreeMarkets’ Global Market Operations Center coordinates
real-time e-markets, bidder training and support in over 30 languages, customer
care, and the development and enforcement of marketplace rules.

information – FreeMarkets maintains extensive market information and research
tools to help customers make educated buying and selling decisions. Market
making services – Experienced FreeMarkets Market Makers assist with
opportunity identification and assessment, RFQ preparation, supplier
identification and recruiting, grouping and auction strategies, post-bid
analysis, and project management services.



offers the IBM WebSphere software platform for e-business, a full line of
standards-based products for B-to-B, business-to-consumer (B-to-C) and
e-business models and integrated rapid development tools. This platform is based
on a foundation that includes WebSphere Application Server and IBM MQSeries
messaging software. The application server is fine-tuned to handle the
tremendous volume of transactions these players experience today and can easily
meet the demands of automated Web services.

Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) specification, developed by IBM,
Microsoft and Ariba, gives businesses access to available Web services through a
UDDI-enabled registry that serves as a matchmaker for service requesters and
service providers.

Technologies – www.houstontechnologies.com


offers web management tools that include monitoring tools, reporting tools,
trending tools, security tools and health tools. These tools offer proactive
rather than reactive management and forewarn of any possible crashes.

Technologies – www.pramati.com

Server 2.5 is a standard-based platform for componentized applications. Its J2EE
framework includes EJB container and web container, along with the mandated pack
of infrastructure services. For retail this product is available for Rs 8000 per
CPU and Pramati Studio 2.5 is available for $1000 per seat.


Talisma eCRM Suite is an e-CRM offering on the market, uniquely combining
service, sales and marketing capabilities for a complete customer interaction
viewpoint that leverages customer information across the entire organization.

4.0, with a combination of 17 integrated modules, has evolved from its earlier
version 2.5 to support power users, managers and administrators in sales,
marketing and service. The solution engages and integrates traditional touch
points like phone, fax and in-person contacts, and can incorporate sales force
automation (SFA) for pipeline and opportunity management, forecasting and order
closing, thereby helping companies build long-lasting, profitable relationships
with customers, partners, vendors, employees, investors and others.


is a global e-payment terminal application. It provides an extensive set of
ready-to-use payment modules to deliver a framework that enables merchants to
quickly and cost-effectively meet merchant needs. It runs on Verix global
multi-application platform, which is designed to support multiple operating
environments running concurrently on Verifone’s Omni 3300 series of terminals.

is an easy-to-customize e-payment application to develop customer-specific 


can develop, debug and deploy Enterprise Java across Java 2 Enterprise Edition
(J2EE) application servers. A single developer seat, single connection of
WebLogic Server is included. Tight integration with BEA WebLogic Server includes
remote debugging, startup/shutdown and hot deployment. There are three versions
– standard, enterprise and expert.

is a model-based Java enterprise development tool that allows visual creation of
Java applications and design, development and deployment of Java Beans. It
supports the latest standards and offers an open API that allows customization
for every development environment and interoperability with other development

facilitates application development by bridging the gap between object and
relational technology. Its foundation libraries are available for Java, BEA
WebLogic Server and IBM WebSphere.

Composer brings visual authoring technology to standards-based component
architectures, thus solving object integration problems more efficiently and
delivering the business advantages of components.

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