WhatsApp's New Feature Lets You Share Any File Type

Whatsapp has upgraded its file sharing feature, which allows the users to share any file format. The company has limit the shared file size to 100MB.

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Instant messaging app, Whatsapp, has upgraded its file sharing feature, which allows the users to share any file format. The Facebook-owned company has limit the shared file size to 100MB. Along with this, few more upgrades have been added.


This includes swiping up from the in-app camera to see photos and videos from gallery, sending multiple pics as album, and easier text formatting.

WhatsApp now groups multiple photos as gallery. This means, when you send five or more photos, they will now appear in an album, instead of one below another. The app will display the first five pictures as thumbnail images, with the fifth picture displaying the number of additional photos that have been sent.

WhatsApp-Blue-Tick-Read-Later-UK-WhatsApp-Read-A-Message-Without-the-Blue-Tick-On-The-Text-WhatsApp-Blue-Tick-Text-Message-Blue-439083Further text-formatting, which includes bold, strikethrough or it italicise has been made easier by the messaging app. Now users can simple tap and hold text to select the part they want to format. Finally, WhatsApp has introduced various design improvements for voice and video calls. The updates are available for Android and iOS users.


WhatsApp is one of the world’s largest messaging apps with over a billion users globally. In India, WhatsApp has more than 200 million users, which makes it quite popular here. WhatsApp emerged as the top social platform for sharing news, according to Digital News Report 2017, which conducted the research in 30 countries and five continents. The app has been steadily adding features to make its platform more useful.

WhatsApp recently added a host of new features like GIF support, easy call forwarding, and ability to share 30 photos/videos on one go. The messaging app is reportedly in talks with with SBI bank to add bank-to-bank transfers via UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

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