Wish DQ Channels a Happy 15th Birthday


“The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.” – Oscar Wilde

This thought seems uppermost in my mind as DQ Channels turns 15 and enters its sixteenth year (or rather sweet sixteen, if I may say).  In the exuberance of youth, DQ Channels like every other teenager believes that it knows everything. Please don’t take this in the negative sense; I am not saying that DQ Channels proclaims to be a Mr Know-it-all, but what I really mean is that through these 15 years, our philosophy has been dabble in everything and cover every aspects, however hard or uncomfortable it might have been or even unpalatable to a few.

These 15 years have seen several transitions in DQ Channels. Earlier the central operations were more Mumbai-based, but later in sync with other publications of CyberMedia, these shifted to Gurgaon. There were at least two distinct groups of personnel who ran the operations. And might I say that all of them managed with distinction and have left their indelible marks in the publication. While the current team led by me represents the third generation of DQ Channels, we might proudly claim that irrespective of location or operational team, we have kept on faithfully chronicling the successes and travails of the solution providers throughout these years. In fact, we have encapsulated the entire evolution of box-pushing channel partners to the evolved solution providers.

These 15 years have been a tumultuous and growing times for Indian IT too. Exiting times, challenging times and times that have generated lots of debates and controversies. To let you run the flashback, we have dedicated this entire issue to feature 15 personalities, companies and associations that defined, developed and strengthened the channel and system integration ecosystem in India. And we have also identified 15 defining moments of the tech world in general, that have their repercussions on the channel too.

Fifteen is a big milestone, and I sincerely hope we will handle our newfound freedom (that comes in late teens) with all the grace and maturity we have gained over the years. After all, our adolescence has seen us not only taking issues up on behalf of the channel and the industry, nut also creating strong properties like Channel Satisfaction Survey, SP Summit and Solution Champs that have helped us bridge the gap between the channel and industry. And now as we approach adulthood, I sincerely believe that we will take up more such initiatives.

If DQ Channels has pleased you, made you happy, made you angry, have frustrated you; please get back to us with all the bouquets and brickbats.

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