Wizpy from Turbolinux

DQC Bureau
New Update

Turbolinux announced the launch of its latest offering 'Wizpy' in the Indian

market. Wizpy is a compact, palm-sized, bootable Linux OS device with a

multimedia player and offers users flexibility to boot almost any computer using

the Turbolinux operating system.


It provides users a bootable version of Turbolinux's operating system, which

runs straight from the device. When attached to a computer's USB port, users can

boot-up the Linux system that resides in the Wizpy's memory to set-up their own

personal computer environment and access their documents, e-mails and the

internet, keeping their and the host computer's data confidential and safe.

The device also doubles as a multimedia player, offering a 1.7-inch (organic

light emitting diode) OLED color screen and keypad on the front. Wizpy has

software to play music in Ogg, MP3 and Windows Media Audio formats, and to show

xviD, MPEG4 video files and JPEG images. It can also record sound to MP3 files,

display text files, and has an inbuilt FM radio.

Speaking at the launch, Deepak Wassan, President, Turbolinux said, "Through

Wizpy we are introducing a new concept of 'PC 2.0'. With this product we have

unbundled OS from the hardware. Now one can carry along the OS environment,

applications, mails and data, and these are accessible anytime, anywhere with

access to a PC. Important data such as passwords and credit card information now

need not be left on the PC but can be stored on Wizpy itself, thus preventing

personal information from being compromised.

The product will be sold at price of Rs 11,995 and will available through

select retail outlets. Turbolinux has partnered with eSys Technologies and the

online portal for its distribution requirements in India.