Woman Power

Annie Mathew: An Epitome of Poise

Born and brought up in the beautiful state of Kerala, Annie Mathew is currently the head of alliance at Research In Motion (RIM) India. As a child, she dreamt of becoming a surgeon with equal interest in becoming an engineer. After completing her Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Kerala, Mathew set her professional ball rolling.

Varsha Anand : An Activist at Heart

Currently working as the country head for strategy and planning in Avaya India, Varsha Anand plays a vital role in corporate planning and execution. She works on projects around topics which she says are close to her heart, like growth, sales process, people process, and vertical domain development. She is also a part of global team which implements Avaya projects on saales acceleration front, giving her a cross-regional exposure. Anand is also involved in strategizing future growth by collaborating with business leaders to execute the defined strategies as per plan to achieve revenue and profitability.