Women in IT

Women in IT- Flying High

Indian women are achieving great heights in the IT sector. They are in decision-making positions, where they guide policies and have been widely recognised for their work

 Jaya Mahadevan, Director, Distribution & IT Channels, Schneider Electric

Jaya Mahadevan, Director, Distribution & IT Channels, Schneider Electric

Jaya is the Director Channels at Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division to lead Strategic Initiatives such as EcoStruxure, Edge Solutions, e-Commerce, and Elite Partner Business. Jaya has a proven consistent track record for developing and implementing strategies for consistent Q-O-Q revenue growth for IBM in A&D, Government, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, IT/ITES, Pharma, etc

In her previous channel experience, Jaya led the successful onboarding and setting up of the Software-as-a-Service channel ecosystem for India and South Asia across all products, solutions, and offerings from IBM’s software group, leading a key growth initiative and IBM’s high priority area. Jaya ushered in born-on-the-cloud, new age business partners and digital agencies and guided and mentored business partners to create successful journeys from start-up to profitable business models.

Jaya’s deep experience, understanding of the software portfolio and deeper partner relationships was brought to full throttle to manage alternate licensing models such as Embedded Software Agreements (ESAs), Extended Service Provider agreements (XSPs), etc. Jaya has also been responsible for managing the MSPs and CSPs across India and South Asia for a brief period.

Suchi Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, Limeroad

Suchi Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, Limeroad

Building and scaling businesses focused on simple, yet powerful consumer products have been her dream; and this has come to life at Skype, eBay/Gumtree and now most recently at LimeRoad. At LimeRoad, Suchi’s single mission is to disrupt the apparel sector by injecting technology, design, community content and operations, thereby creating for Indian users, the most delightful fashion discovery platform. LimeRoad is today the fastest growing fashion platform as well as the most profitable. Our engagement and conversion rates to sales are the highest in the country.

Earlier, at eBay/Gumtree, Suchi built the UK’s largest horizontal classifieds business. In two years, she and her team went from a No. 3 position to market-leading positions in jobs and consumer-to-consumer car sales, growing visits by 35% y-o-y in the UK (marketing spend remaining unchanged). Gumtree required transformational leadership

Prior to this, Skype was her powerful leadership development experience – being part of the executive management team of a high growth technology company, transitioning from founder–led-startup with 3 CEO changes in 2 years, whilst also building the most dramatic upgrade of the product. What a roller coaster, but not one to trade out of!

Divya Jain, Director, Adobe Sensei

Divya Jain, Director, Adobe Sensei

Divya Jain is an experienced and hands-on machine learning leader with product development background. Held various technical leadership positions in startups and Fortune 500 companies. Expertise lies in product innovation and abridging technology gaps.

Successful as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur and technical advisor for multiple next-generation projects ranging from machine-learning/predictive-analytics infrastructure and algorithms to world-class user experience.

A regular speaker at events on machine learning and big data and actively involved in mentorship programs.

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