Women's Day- Interview with Vanya Gambhir, COO, Khojdeal

Interaction - Vanya Gambhir, Chief Operating Officer, Khojdeal talks to DQ Channels, about her work and challenges at work

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On the occasion of Women's Day, Vanya Gambhir, Chief Operating Officer, Khojdeal, talks to DQ Channels about her work.


How do you use your education and experience in your present position?

Vanya - I have always had a penchant for fostering an environment that focuses on mutual growth of both, our employees as well as the organisation. My previous experience with team-building allowed me to cultivate and maintain an empathetic work culture for everyone. We try to make sure that we work as leaders who are diligent in motivating the team, while wholeheartedly facilitating their growth.

In my experience, being empathetic is a skill that allows me to maintain a deep, personal involvement in their journey and subsequent development.


What are the challenges in this work?

Vanya - The digital sector is dynamic and ever changing. The E-commerce landscape involves uncertainty, which allows us to be highly receptive to changes, and adaptive in our behaviour. On top of that, tight competition, changing technologies, finding the right partners and retaining customers and providing them with a suitable experience, have caused many digital commerce businesses to fade out. In the face of these changes, introducing advancements, developing with the tide and reacting to seasonal alterations are crucial initiatives an E-commerce business simply must work towards.

I believe that introducing and promoting agility within the E-commerce can prove immensely useful in scaling the business, meeting customer expectations and providing a more personalized experience. The need to incorporate quick changes in accordance with the changing landscape is the way to go.


How do you compete against other established E-platforms?

Vanya - The competition within the E-commerce sector is highly intense. The vision and values we bring to our organisation allow us to bring a unique front to an otherwise bland digital experience. Since we understand our immediate just cause, it is easier for us to promote transparency within the organisation. This amplifies the highly personalized experience we provide to our customers. Our business plan does not necessary rest on competing. Instead, we tend to work towards providing the best experience to users. We use integrated marketing solutions to allow us to perform in tandem with the values we have set for the organisation.

How do your husband and you share the decision-making space in this work?

Vanya - Vaibhav and I highly complement each other’s roles. According to us, decision-making involves two distinct practices, the inception of a thoughtful, inventive idea and its subsequent implementation. Both of us are the yin to the other’s yang, thus playing a role in every project that comes to fruition.

While Vaibhav actively explores tides in the digital sector, my role focuses on the operational front of the organization. Effectively, I operate as an enabler towards maintaining team culture while supervising the correct implementation of methods and practices. Our vision pertains to not only building a strong core for our organization, but also allowing all involved, an effective chance to grow to their fullest potential.