“Word of mouth is the best marketing tool for Corsair”

In an one on one with DQ Channels M A Mannan, Country Manager, Corsair shares the specialty of Corsair Gaming PC’s Products.


What qualities make you different from others?

Today, the gaming market is reaching over USD 890 million and the Indian Gaming Industry is estimated for the annual growth rate of 14.3 per cent. Even, as per App Annie, India became the fifth biggest gaming market globally in 2016.

Gaming is kind of a different animal now! We have so many notably gaming peripheral providers who are masters in this market. But at Corsair, the fact that we understand our target people and follow different tactics and strategy to approach the gaming market is the key to our success. So, that’s why we have a different arm, ‘Corsair Gaming’. Not only the product line, but Corsair makes sure that the people who works with the gaming department must have in depth knowledge of gaming or should have worked with a gaming peripheral company in the past.

What differentiates us is that we’re very PC gaming focused. We’re not looking to sell anything else in which we are not competent. We’re solemnly focused on making great stuff for PC gaming, and we’ve brought a lot of innovation to the forefront as a result, including theK95 Gaming Keyboard, T1 Gaming Chair.

Besides, we have a highly skilled team in the US who are focused on making high breed stuff for PC gaming.We personally do the quality check before bringing it out in the market. Every time, we come up with new stuff to win our customers all over again. We believe in bringing innovative, high-performance components to the PC gaming market.

How many cities have you reached out to?

We have a strong presence in all the four metro cities, namely, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai. When it comes to gaming awareness Kolkata & Bengaluru tops the list. Every year, they conduct gaming events to provide a platform for gamers to understand latest trends and the various peripherals available in the market. To stay ahead, we have partnered with top distributors like Abacus Peripherals, Supertron Electronics to make Corsair products available across country.

What is the roadmap for next 12-18 months? And how you see corsair growing in India?

The gaming industry in India is blooming slowly and is at the cusp of a major transformation. But, Unlike China, it will still take a couple of years to mature. So, meanwhile, we will focus on strengthening our basic structure of channel ecosystem.We at Corsair strongly believe that channel partners play a vital role in the overall success. Having said that we are cent percent channel-driven and work closely with our distributor and dedicated partners.

What is the impact of GST in the Gaming industry?

Gaming industry hasn’t seen much change after GST implementation, although it has benefitted the channel community.Overall taxation remains the same except for a few products which fall under 28% GST for ex Power Supply, despite being main component of gaming rig.

What sort of opportunities you see as brand worldwide?

PC gaming industry is rapidly growing globally pulling more gamers day by day. With increased crowd of gamers, rise of Esports, Streaming & Modding, has made PC gaming one of the world’s most dynamic industries. Corsair being undisputed leader in PC gaming hardware has built a strong foundation on quality, innovation and an unwavering commitment to its passionate gaming fans. We have been helping gamers ascend for 20+ years, offering best in class hardware, innovation and support that the PC community could ask for. We pride ourselves on providing the very best in hardware; we look for the best mechanical switches, the best sensors, and the best materials available.

What do you think on the impact of next generation consoles on PC gaming? And how the technology is changing the industry?


Virtual Reality is the new trend!

Today, hardcore gamers are bored of consoles in PC gaming and are getting addicted to high definition VR gaming. Why? VR is full package a pure blooded gamer looks for— from graphics, animations to best of all— being able to communicate with fellow gamers. Isn’t it what gamers need, the real experience in a 3-D environment. Most important is ‘immersive experience’, a way to detect the movements of a player during a game and using those to influence what goes on in that game, takes gaming to whole new level.


VR will take a few more years to go mainstreams

No doubt, VR has gained popularity in a short time span. But with all of its gains so far, there is one major hurdle – it’s too expensive for most of the people. As more and more gamers get interested in the VR technology, it will see prices drop slowly.

For a supreme experience in VR gaming, one would require high end components. We are pretty much aligned with the trend with the launch of Corsair One and have already built high quality end components that work to the optimum level with VR gaming.

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