“Work with passion, perseverance and dedication”

Prachi Bhatnagar, Sales & Business Development head at Netspider Infotech India LTD (NIIL) says that self confidence and perseverance, along with a constant strive to learn new things is the only way for women to tackle glass ceiling

IT field is said to be the male dominated field. How did this field fascinate you? Why did you choose to make your career in the Technology industry?

I do not completely agree that IT is a male dominated field. In fact in today’s world no field is male dominated. However, it does take time to draw that cutting edge for oneself. Technology has been always a topic of interest for me. This interest and curiosity made me take a step towards making a career in the IT industry. It’s a diverse field with no bounds to solutions and broad scope of interest.

What is your role in NETSPIDER Infotech India Limited? What are your key responsibilities in the company?

I handle Sales & Business Development of NETSPIDER’s solutions & products across India and worldwide. I am also engaged in developing new markets and adding new solutions to our catalogue. I manage international partners and distributor relations for the company. I also manage allied activities, Human Resources and Trainings, Legal & Compliance and Media & Public relation management.

Being a senior woman executive what kind of challenges did you face at initial days of your career or facing while dealing with your counterparts?

Delighted to say that ‘none’. I had a very smooth and defined transition.

Despite of having talent, the ratio of woman entrepreneurs is still very less in the Indian IT industry. According to you, what are the prominent reasons behind low level of participation by women in the technology jobs?

A prevalent myth in our society that some ‘capabilities’ required for IT industry might be the reason why it’s often assumed that women should not be given a chance to carve their careers in this field. Besides this I can’t think of any other reason. Women are as capable as any man, to make a career and excel in the same as well.

Does a glass ceiling exist in the IT industry in India? How do you address the issue?

The glass ceiling is a reality! This is not only because women are held to higher standards than men, but also because they are neither made aware of, nor given opportunities that would catapult them to the upper echelons. Often, women with technical competencies in line functions such as manufacturing, R&D and operations end up in staff functions. What sets women such as Indra Nooyi apart from the rest of the similarly talented women are: a high level of sustained self confidence and emotional quotient, the right mentors at various stages of their career, an extremely supportive family and a little bit of luck or opportunity. Women are generally not regarded as a serious threat to men in the corporate sector in most cases surprisingly not because of their competencies, but because they always think as one in the background. Self confidence and perseverance, along with a constant strive to keep one’s skills up to date to match the industry standards is the only way to address the issue.

What is your success Mantra in career? What advice you want to give to women IT professional?

‘Work with passion and dedication’ is what I believe in and would advise the same to fellow professionals. Work not to work, but enjoy while you work and you will reach the stars.

What are your hobbies and interests and what are your future plans personally and professionally?

Travelling, Listening to Music and pets are my interests, I run an NGO ‘Adopt Happiness’ through which we work towards abandoned animals. To travel across the globe and excel in whatever I do that I foresee as my future plans.

 Please tell us about your family and educational back ground.

I am psychology and law graduate. In my family, I have my father who is the Deputy General Manager (Avionics), a housewife mother and a younger sister who is an aircraft maintenance engineer, last but not the least my little dog Jaadoo.

On a lighter Side

Your de-stress and fitness mantra

Spending quality time at home with my little dog & music

Your role-model

Mr. Ram Jethmalani

If not an executive, you would had like to become

A psychiatrist or a pilot

Your daily schedule of work

The usual 8-10 hours of work

Priyanka Pugaokar


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    Your perseverance and commitment to work are exemplary. We thank you for your commitment towards the firm and hope to enjoy the same in the near future.

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