'Working till last breath' – Sanjeev Walia

Sanjeev Walia, Director of JetAge Computers Traders Chandigarh and President of Chandigarh Computers Association did not want to follow his father business

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Sanjeev Walia, Director of JetAge Computers Traders Chandigarh and President of Chandigarh Computers Association did not want to follow his father business and so in the year 1989 he started and his business is growing and touching new heights.


Why he started?

Sanjeev Walia did his B.Com from Punjab University in 1987 and Computer Course for 1 year. Later, he came into IT business as he wanted to start his own business and to that he said “My father was Wine contractor but I did not want to move to the same profession. I had interest in computers those days and as result at that time I saw computer market was booming and I started liking computers and its functions so I started 3 businesses in 1989.”

Sanjeev started his Jet Age Computers with 2 other verticals. He also started Computer Education classes to various schools and institutes with Reprographic business. “We tied up with schools and many institutes to give computer education for students on contract basis.”


However, he shut down both businesses after 2 years in 1991 and and got more into the computer distribution business.

Even though in the beginning he had some difficulties as he himself distributed the products with his bike and covered all Punjab and Himachal.

How he stared


Walia’s family has supported a lot while establishing his company. He has taken 5 lakh of capital from his father. He took a showroom on lease and started his journey and then never looked back.

Brands Products and Awards

Walia is in this business since many years and every year competition is increasing, day by day things are getting tough and to that he said, “I believe in fair competition and consider in building a great channel that are authorized, proper distributor and focus on proper business and most important not to use grey market.”


The major brands and products that his business looks after are ‘HP, Microsoft and Acer. The only award that he has won is ‘Most Popular Face of North India’ by DataQuest.

Family Support and Hobbies

Walia believes that his family is the greatest strength and support. Be it parents, cousins or his children he was always fortunate when it comes to his family. “I am very lucky as my family stood constantly by my side”.


Walia got married in 1994 and his wife is a doctor by profession. He is blessed  with three kids also making him proud. His daughter (eldest) is perusing B.Tech in computer science and both sons are doing schooling are also good in studies.  “I will never force them to do things but will guide them to do what they like,” added Walia.

In his free time Walia likes to spend time with family. He loves outdoor games like Table tennis, Squash and Cricket.

Advice to young entrepreneurs


Sanjeev Walia, who is in this self-made business from long said to the upcoming entrepreneur, “When you start a business, be regular with your business activity. If you face any problem, always discuss with your senior in profession. Be free with what you think and now you all are lucky as you get the opportunity to learn so much before coming. So, do research about the work and love what you do.”

Future Plans

“I want to dedicate my life to my Business for IT. As I don’t believe in retirement, I will never take retirement from my business and don’t want to sit idle. I will work and live with my work till the last breath”.