Xerox looks to expand channel network

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OCTOBER 18, 2006

Xerox is looking to expand its channel base across India. The company has

kick-started lots of new initiatives in the channel space not only to strengthen

existing relationships in the segment but to also to build newer ones.

Explaining the rationale behind these new initiatives from Xerox Gurpreet

Kanwal, Head-Channels Marketing, New Office Group, Xerox India Limited said. “We

are looking at expanding our channel network in the country. At the beginning of

this year we had 1,000 resellers in our network, now we have 1,400 and we are

aiming to increase the number by another 15 percent by the end of this year.

Another main focus of the company now is to get a foothold in the huge SMB

segment in the country, and we are also looking at creating an extensive market

for color.”


To meet these objectives Xerox this week started Momentum 2006, a reseller's

meet, which will be held across the country over the next three months.

Explaining the objective behind 'Momentum 2006' Kanwal said, “We are

targeting this meet not only at the people who are already in our network but

more importantly at those resellers who are not engaged with Xerox. The aim is

to tell these people about our products, share information and thus engage them

to work with Xerox. That is why the meets are being held in mostly B and C class

cities. We have already conducted the meet in Kolkata and Lucknow. On the anvil

are similar events in Cochin, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, Indore, Jaipur, Nasik,

Ahmedabad, Trissur and Kottayam. We are driving these events with our

sub-distributors in that region. Another thing that we are aiming is to engage

more partners in suburbs of metro cities. See when you work with people in

metro's the suburbs like in case of Delhi Gurgaon and Faridabad get neglected.

So we are now aiming to rectify that and engage more partners from suburbs of


Talking about the feedback that they have received from the events that have

been held so far Kanwal said, “The feedback has exceeded our expectations. This

is after a while that Xerox has directly engaged the resellers, where we are

sharing information with them and receiving feedback on the kind of response and

products that they expect from us. It is also important since this is the

festival season and we are launching lot of new schemes for our partners and

resellers. The Kolkata event was very good, more than 150 resellers attended the

meet and we got instant orders at the venue itself. The feedback from Lucknow

where we just held an event has been tremendous. I am still getting calls from

people who attended the meet informing us how they are extremely happy about

this new meet that we have started.”

The new leash of partner activity has also seen Xerox ramping up its online

partner interaction; they have recently added some more tools on their partner

portal. Elaborating about these tools Kanwal said, “We have recently added two

new tools on our partner portal which we feel will be very beneficial for our

partner community. The first is an e-learning tool wherein the partner gets a

tour of all our products and gets all the necessary information about any Xerox

product at one click. We have also introduced co-branded collaterals on our

website wherein our partners can download these collaterals from our website

which will feature their name and Xerox branding. We have also launched a

proposal wizard onsite wherein the partner just has to give us details about

what kind of project they are bidding for and the tool we generate the complete

proposal for them.”

Talking about the future plans of the company Kanwal added, “We are aiming to

become the number two vendor in the Indian market place by the end of 2007 and

all these initiatives, some which have already been launched and the ones which

are in planning, are aimed at achieving the same.”