XFX introduces 8600GT FATAL1TY AND 8800 ULTRA

DQC Bureau
New Update

XFX has debuted two of its fastest and coolest graphics cards - 8600 Ultra

and 8600 Fatal1ty in India. Fatal1ty 8600GT is the second release after 7600 in

its partnership with Fatal1ty.


Making its debut at Computex Taipei, the 8600GT Fatal1ty Professional Series

graphics card is more stable over clocked version of the 8600GT series available

to the general public.

The card also features Silent But Deadly (SBD) cooling technology. Created to

dissipate heat without the need of a fan, SBD technology is a more effective

cooling engine; it is far quieter and, since air and dust are not forced through

the heatsink, helps eliminate clogged heat sinks, which can cause overheating.

The 8800 Ultra graphics card is HDTV-, SLI-, and HDCP-ready, giving users

TV-out functionality and the ability to double performance capabilities and

significantly enhanced scalability on more than 60 of the top PC games. The card

also features 768MB of DDR3 power. The 8600GT Fatal1ty Professional Series cards

also feature a new video processor that enables Blu-Ray and HD DVD movie


The products will be available along with three years warranty at a suggested

end-user price beginning at Rs 10,000 for 8600GT FATAL1TY and Rs 45,000 for 8800

ULTRA from all the 50 Rashi branches and select Rashi partners across India.