Zebronics' Red Power power supply

DQC Bureau
New Update

Top Notch Infotronix has launched 'Red Power' power supply ZEB-500w. It is

named so, because of the exterior color of the power supply, which is red. It

features a 120mm fan for

noise-free operation and the outer side of the power supply has a complete
honeycomb grill for better airflow and cool operation.


'Red Power' has dual 12v rails for stable performance. It comes with 20+4 pin

main power connector and 4+4pin 12v motherboard connector, 4 pin molex

connectors, 2 SATA power connectors and a floppy power connector. The power

supply even features a 6pin PCI-E power connector which is used in new graphics

cards as Nvidia 250GTS.