Zenith launches latest banking solution

SAP India recently announced that Adarsh Credit Co-Operative Society has chosen SAP solutions for financial services with clear goals, faster development and introduction of new products and meet increasing customer demands by shaping solutions to fit the realities of the modern-day financial service institution.

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Anoop Singh Sengar ZSL

Bengaluru based Zenith Software (ZSL), has announced the launch of their latest banking solution Banc724-Digital, which will enable the banking industry  to  offer its customer a  digital experience  and achieve operational excellence.


Banc724-Digital is a comprehensive solution with integrated platforms of social media, enterprise mobility and analytics to facilitate the banks to offer customized and responsive banking services to customers virtually.

Commenting on the Banc724-Digital launch, Anoop Singh Sengar, president and deputy CEO of Zenith Software said “Worldwide Banks are under pressure to meet the demands of its digitized customers who stay connected 24/7 and want banking services as per their convenience. We foresee that Banc724-Digital will be an ideal fit for banks to deliver new age banking through transformation of their physical branch offices into digital services for improved customer experience and efficient services.”

 “Banc724-Digital offers Omni channel banking through seamless integration of online and mobility platforms and banks have options to deploy solutions as a whole or on a modular basis.” added Anoop Singh Sengar. “Banc724-Digital’s Social Media Banking component helps the banks to connect with entirely new customer segments by opening accounts through Facebook, twitter etc., doing Product Promotions, offering Customer servicing and grievance redress through social listening and sentiment analysis.”


The new Solution from ZSL offers multilingual presentation, is platform agnostic and can be easily interfaced with bank’s existing ecosystem.

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