Zensar employee charged under IT Act for swindling money

DQC Bureau
New Update

Pune police has charged and arrested 26-year old Vajravelu KS, an employee of Zensar Technologies, under the Information Technology Act on 22nd January, 2005 for siphoning off money from his colleague´s bank account. The police stated that Vajravelu had siphoned off the money of his senior colleague Tanmaykumar Badalkumar Dorai by using his Internet banking password.

The Judicial Magistrate has remanded Vajravelu to police custody until 29th January, 2005. Tanmaykumar opened his salary account with ABN Amro bank and the bank sent his banking password to the office on 27th December, 2004. According to the police, Vajravelu got hold of the ABN Amro Bank letter sent to Dorai, opened it and found the Internet banking password. Using the password, he siphoned off money from his colleague´s account between December 29 and December 31, 2004.

Police said that it is also looking for two former Zensar employees K Uday Bhaskar and GS Navinkumar who may have helped Vajravelu. The latter is alleged to have transferred Rs one lakh to Uday´s account in ICICI Bank while Rs 38,596 was transferred to Navinkumar´s account in State Bank of India. Both Uday and Navinkumar had quit Zensar two years ago and are currently working in Bangalore. Meanwhile, the police recovered Rs 40,000 in cash from Vajravelu´s residence. 

However, the defense lawyer Kirtikumar Gujar maintained that Vajravelu was not guilty, as he had not transferred the money to his own account. He also maintained that money recovered from Vajravelu´s residence was his salary.

When contacted, the Zensar spokesperson said that the company is not involved in this case and is between two individuals. "This is a personal matter between two individuals who happen to be employees of the company. One of them has made an allegation against another, who joined the company two months ago. The company is no way connected with the situation. However, depending on the legal outcome of the case, the company will take appropriate action," the company´s statement said.