ZNet Technologies Wins Coveted 2019 MSP 501 Newcomer Award

ZNet Technologies has been named the 2019 NewComer in the prestigious 12 th -annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. The competition for placement on the 2019 MSP 501 was steeper than in the history of the survey and rankings. 2019 saw a 35% YoY increase in applications, and a full two-fifths of the 2019 winners were not on the 2018 list. What’s more, the annual average revenue of an MSP 501er almost doubled from $28.8M for the class of 2018 to $42.3M for 2019 501ers. These statistics clearly demonstrate a massive wave of new applicants that mirror a managed services market that is constantly evolving and growing.

The bar for the Special Award winners, therefore, was higher than ever. Among the hundreds of applications from this group of outstanding MSPs, only 10 received one of the sought-after MSP 501 Special Awards. Channel Futures is pleased to award ZNet Technologies with the 2019 MSP 501 Newcomer award, awarded for a first-time MSP 501er that is shaking things up. Out of hundreds of submissions, ZNet Technologies embodies the innovation, agility, customer focus and willingness to take risks that set Special Award winners apart.

“The 2019 MSP 501 Special Award winners stand as examples of the creativity, business agility and willingness to take risks that define the modern channel, and the Channel Futures team extends our heartfelt congratulations to these 10 innovative companies,” says Kris Blackmon, Content Director, Channel Partners and Channel Futures and lead of the MSP 501 programme. “The evolution of the managed services market is reflected in the changing nature of the MSP 501 winners over the years, and each and every winner from the past 12 years deserves the highest praise and is awarded inclusion in the exclusive Channel Futures 501er Community peer organisation.”

The 10 special award winners were recognised at the MSP 501 Awards Gala on Tuesday, September 10 at Channel Partners Evolution in Washington, D.C. The full list of special award winners are as follows:
 Comeback Kid: Business System Solutions
 Digital Innovator of the Year: Logically
 Vanguard: Platte River Networks
 Newcomer: ZNet Technologies Pvt Ltd.
 Executive of the Year: Sam Underwood, Goodwin PC Services
 Lifetime Achievement Winner: Bryon Bielman, iuvo Technologies
 Hall of Fame Winner: Sirius Computer Solutions
 MSP of the Year Finalists
o Calligo
o Vendasta

The 2019 MSP 501 list is based on data collected by Channel Futures and its sister site, Channel Partners. Data was collected online from March 1 through May 31, 2019. The MSP 501 list recognizes top managed service providers based on metrics including annual revenue and revenue stream mix.

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