Zoho and NASSCOM Foundation partner to empower Indian nonprofits

Zoho has announced that it has signed up as a partner for the BigTech Donations Program, a technology donation, and assistance initiative run by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) Foundation in association with TechSoup Global to aid nonprofit organizations in India.

As part of the alliance, Zoho is launching its ‘Zoho Creator for Nonprofits’, a budget-friendly programme that provides eligible nonprofits, NGOs, and trusts in India access to Zoho Creator, a low-code development platform that allows non-programmers to create custom software solutions, at an exclusive price. The programme also includes access to a range of pre-built applications that cater to nonprofits’ essential business functions like volunteer management, fundraiser planning, and more. Through this initiative, Zoho hopes to equip nonprofit businesses with the necessary technological tools to deliver a connected digital experience for their stakeholders.

“Adequate resources and capacity building in any form has been a long-standing challenge for nonprofits. While nonprofit leaders acknowledge that technology integration can help increase stakeholder engagement, scale operations, and amplify social impact, the mere cost and effort involved prevent many from embracing the change,” said Hyther Nizam, VP Product Management, Zoho Corp. “By working together with the NASSCOM Foundation and TechSoup, we aim to provide NPOs with easier access to cost-effective technologies that encourage them to take their operations digital and achieve better delivery on missions. Moreover, a low-code platform like Zoho Creator might prove to be a strategic asset for nonprofits by giving them the power to express-launch entire app ecosystems to execute their day-to-day processes. We will continue to introduce similar technology programs that contribute to transformational change in the nonprofit sector.”

“We at NASSCOM Foundation have always worked towards digitally empowering non-profits through various initiatives; and given the current scenario, the digital transformation of nonprofits has become our prime focus. Our BigTech Programme has been specifically designed to provide access to essential technology solutions at marginal prices to more than 10000 registered NGOs across the country. So far, BigTech has donated software worth Rs 135 crores impacting over 2.9 million people and is the largest software donating platform across Asia,” said Ashok Pamidi, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation, said on the launch. “We welcome this partnership with Zoho to launch Zoho Creator for Nonprofits, an extremely well-designed solution which will enable smoother operations for nonprofits through tailor-made apps for various business functions like donor management, volunteer management, vendor management, inventory management, project trackers and so much more. It will serve as one solution to many technology needs of nonprofits, further enhancing their impact on our society.”

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