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A Daddy’s girl Inspired to Grow: Sonia Sharma, Axis Communications

An insight in the life of a simple girl who is self made and inspired to grow with the help of her mentors, Sonia Sharma, Axis Communications

Sales and marketing is considered one of the toughest jobs in the Indian business scenario. But nowadays Indian girls are marvelously doing their jobs and reaching new heights. One of them is Sonia Sharma who is a self made person and now working as a Key Account Manager position in Axis Communication which is the leading manufacturer of network and surveillance cameras.

From Desk to Sales

A girl next door Sonia Sharma, who has many aspirations and ambitions started her journey as a receptionist in an IT company. In her own words, “I hail from a very beautiful state of India Himachal Pradesh. I was born in Hamirpur, but brought up in Delhi. I did my schooling from a government school and did my graduation (BA) from Delhi University. Have an experience of 15 years now. I started my career as a receptionist in one of the IT Company named LMR International and now I am at the position of account manager within Global MNC. Slowly and gradually I moved onto sales.”

Work is Worship

Passion is now synonyms for work and Sonia is such a person whose first love is her job. “I am very passionate about my job. What I love most in my jobs is that I get to know lots of people. Meeting them and understanding their psyche, talking and listening to them; I love all that. The more challenges you get you will learn more that’s what I love about my job.”

“However there are challenges in everybody’s life but I am lucky enough that I have good bosses and mentors and colleagues. And they always helped me.” She adds.

Balancing is an Art

Being a woman it is always necessary to balance work life and home life altogether and that’s what a super women does. Sonia Sharma explains that, “Being in sales it’s very difficult to manage the personal and professional life, as it is really hectic with so much of busy schedules and travelling. But I have a lovely family which supports me at all steps. I have a kid at home he is seven, my parents are there to take care of him when I am not there. Family support is there so I am being able to manage till now.”

Work hard and smile is what Sonia does, she believes that her hard work has paid her well, “I started my career as just a graduate and was a receptionist. Today I am holding a very good position. That’s an achievement for me which comes with challenge of managing work and my household stuff too.”

Her Inspiration

“My father was my teacher. But most importantly he was a great dad.”


With this saying Father is the one who give guidance from first step to many milestones of us, and meant a lot to everybody. Sharma says, “My father who I lost he was meant a lot to me and he was my biggest motivator. I was very close to him. He was a real pillar for me.”

Also mentors also helps in ones life, “I don’t creep on the things which don’t happen for long. I try to give my 100% to make things happen. And if that thing doesn’t happen I always take advice and share my problems with my mentors.” She adds.

Talking about herself she expresses herself as an emotional person and is a music buff. “In my free time I love listening music, some times I also write. I am an emotional person as an account manager you have to manage relations in professional life. This can be considered as my strength and weakness also.”


Fitness Mantra

Passion within me is my Fitness Mantra

De-stress Mantra

My kid Ayaan

Where do you like to Shop

For me brand doesn’t matter; the things which I feel comfortable in, I like them in my wardrobe

Favorite Holiday Destination

Leh Ladakh, Lahaul Sfiti Valley

5 things you can’t live without

My family, My kid, My Work, Music, My work and shopping.

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