“Be Assertive to be Taken Seriously”: Sindhu Joseph

Dr. Sindhu Joseph, CEO & CO-FOUNDER at Cognicor – Artificial Intelligence platform which offers an enterprise grade cognitive virtual assistant.

The challenges of being a woman executive in a top role
The biggest challenge would be to achieve a work-life balance. I have been fortunate to have a family that understands and are fully supportive my work. My partner is also fully involved in ensuring that this balance is achieved. My family is proud of the work I do and it gives my children the inspiration to dream big.
Educational Background
I grew up in Kerala, studied in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai to work on my undergraduate studies and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, and later Masters in Computer Science. I moved to Europe, specifically in Spain for my Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence from University at Autònoma in Barcelona. My Ph.D thesis covered automated conflict resolution in multi-agent systems and the insights that I got from this inspired me to found CogniCor Technologies, where we apply the artificial intelligence technology for customer engagement in commercial settings. I also have a strong industrial research background and was selected as one of the 3 outstanding entrepreneurs by the UK government in 2012.
Family Background
I am from Wayanad, Kerala, India. Parents are elementary school teachers and have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Working in Male-dominated field of IT It is important to build credibility early on by demonstrating technical capability and be assertive to be taken seriously. I have had the opportunity to work with male colleagues who have recognized the company’s value proposition very quickly and have collaborated with me to bring our solutions to the market.
Does a Glass ceiling exist?
There are certainly challenges women face in achieving career advancements. Obstacles such as gender stereotyping, family demands and resistance to women’s leadership styles exist and should be recognized and managed strategically in order to break through glass ceilings. However, with focus, clarity of purpose and motivation, these ceilings can be broken.
I read a lot, specifically content that has a philosophical view of situations, I like outdoors, especially hiking and travelling. One of the recent hobbies that I picked up is specifically designing eco-friendly houses.
Future plan
Cognicor! – I want to give an intelligent face for every company, a touch point where customers and companies can experience seamless engagement. Long term, I plan to do something to encourage girls and boys who are interested in science to be successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

Wake up at: 6am
– Morning activities:
– wake up at 6am, straight into client meetings,
breakfast, back to work
– Leaving Office at: 5:30pm
– Ist half in office:
– client update meetings, review client deliverables
from team
– Lunch: 2-3
– Post Lunch: work
– How you spend your evenings:
From 6 – 9 take a break from work to spend with
family, light exercise dinner before returning to work
– Sleep time: 1am – 6am

• Where you like to shop?

Wherever the shopping experience is beyond mundane
– where there is a personal touch, nice experience of lively seller-buyer interaction, little bit of good natured haggling, and finally buying not just a product, but a relationship. Unfortunately such shops are becoming very rare especially in cities. That´’s part of the reason why I founded CogniCor. Our aim is to bring back conversions to every business-customer interactions, large or small, online or offline.
• Your favorite holiday destination: Any place surrounded by nature, culture
and open minded people. My home town, Wayanad, Amsterdam, Barcelona
• 5 things you cannot live without: Fruits, Books, Water, Trekking shoes, hot

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