Bleeding or Haemorrhaging: Flipkart, Paytm on a Blood bath?

MBA Classes might be praising them, but the start-up calculation seems to have gone wrong somewhere. Is Flipkart, Paytm on a Blood bath?

India’s consumer Internet start-ups Rolling in cash for nearly two years until the end of 2015, India’s top consumer internet start-ups spent it like kings. The excesses of the funding boom are manifest  in the financial  results of consumer internet start-ups for the year ended March 2016. Here take a look at the finances of 41 consumer internet start-ups via infographics. (Source: Mint)



E-Commerce: Indian e-commerce has depended so long on fashion, lifestyle and other accessories. However, Indian consumers still do not look ready to make the complete online transition.

The premier e-commerce portals are not just bleeding; if they were human beings, by now they would have been comatose in ICU’s waiting for the ventilator to be removed.

Hyperlocal: Local Kirana stores and takeaways are still surviving, notwithstanding all predictions about their impending demise.

Result: even Shahrukh Khan of the world are not able to stop the online local portals from bleeding.service


Services: Urban India seems willing to book movie and sports tickets online, however, for other household services, its still the kaamwali bais & the roadside jugnoo bhaiyas who rule the roost.

autoAuto: When India buys a car, they want to go to showrooms. Do a proper and long test drive, check on every auto front and then do the nariyal phodna ceremony there & drive back home. Second hand car portals are badly biting the dust in their scenario.




Health: Neighborhood chemists, local medical practitioners, the local health center instructor, the sexy masseur in your spas- we Indians trust them more than online health portals. These portals were intends to make Indians healthier, but now the question is who will resuscitate them.



Real Estate: Want to buy a flat? Or take one on rent? Or may be put up one on rent? We still prefer to walk to the neighborhood real estate dealer shops, then negotiate and then multiple trips to the flats concerned. Want to undertake the entire exercise online? Na baba na, hum bhartiya hain, online hamare dharm ke virudh hai.




Finance/Insurance: Policy dekh ke liya kya?….nahi to milega……babaji ka thullu…….Kapil Sharma might say so, but what is evident from these numbers is that the online insurance sites are those becoming ullus , not the Indians.

We still love the personal assurance of the LIC agent who pesters you for the premium; or , most corporate employees go for corporate insurance schemes.

Looks like insurance portals ka scheme chalega nahi.


Travel: Most of us are badly bitten by the wanderlust bug. And it doesn’t matter if you backpacking in Ladakh, sipping rice wine in Dimapur, watching bikini clad babes in Porvorim(Goa) or gorging on utthapams in Madurai, there are chances you have booked the tickets on one of these sites only.

But still what looks strange is why these travel sites and room services are floundering? And that too so badly? Do you have any answer?

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