Brightsandz celebrates World Sleep Day; Releases Survey findings to Improve Sleep Patterns

Ahead of World Sleep Day being celebrated on16th March 2018, Brightsandz Clean Tech has released the findings of its survey conducted to measure the “HEALTH OF OUR SLEEP” and “EFFECTS OF EMF RADIATION ON OUR SLEEP”.

As per the estimates of the survey, 81 % of 400 respondents sleep with their mobile phones under the pillow or in the proximity less than 2 feet. Using mobiles phones before sleeping affects the quality of sleep, yet there are 75% of the respondents who have the habit of pre-sleep browsing which makes them vulnerable to sleeping disorders.

“Adoption of technology is at its peak. There is no doubt that technology plays a vital role in making our personal as well as professional life easier but we should not forget wireless and mobility has its own repercussions majorly released in the form of EMF radiation. Through this survey, we intend to measure and amplify the awareness about the impact of EMF radiation from handheld devices that affects our sleeping pattern” said, Manas Ganguly, Founder of Brightsandz Clean Tech Private Limited.

“Sleep is the ultimate rejuvenation that our body needs and a better quality of sleep shows in higher levels of mental alertness and physical activity through the day. That is the key intent for celebrating the world sleep day. Unfortunately, longer screen times disagree with our sleep cycles affecting the overall health of sleep. As a leading clean technology company, we also aim to consider these findings in advocating the use of shielding products which can reduce the impact of EMF radiation on environment and health”, he added.

Results of the survey also show that 60% of the respondents who sleep in proximity to the stabilizer and 68% of the respondents who have an external power distribution source such as HT power line or a distribution transformer within the radius of 20 meters suffer from problems such as lack of energy, vitality and tiredness, anxiety and edginess and listlessness during the day.

Apart from raising the awareness about the importance of a healthy sleep, Brightsandz also endeavours to educate society about preventive measures that can help them lead a better life by having a quality sleep.

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