Find the best dentist near your home

Medinfi Healthcare recently announced the launch of its Android mobile application on Google Play Store. Medinfi is an android mobile application which helps users locate the nearest doctors and hospitals for their every-day check-ups. The application automatically detects the current user location and displays the nearest doctors and hospitals. Apart from general physicians, users can easily locate Specialist doctors by simply searching for affected body part (e.g. heart) or affected patients (e.g. kids). Currently, the application is available for users in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai with information on 5000+ verified doctors and hospitals.

While the users can call the doctors and hospitals from the mobile application, Medinfi does not have any revenue tie-ups with either doctors or hospitals and thereby does not book appointments. The company wants to remain a pure-play content platform and would like to continue serving its users with genuine and verified content at all times.

Maria, 27, Software Developer said “I have recently shifted to Bengaluru and wanted to consult a dentist for regular dental check-up. Given my hectic work schedule, I never got time to really explore Malleshwaram area and look for a dentist. That’s when I came to know about Medinfi mobile application through which I easily found information on dental clinics near my home. Finally I am going to make that long pending visit to the dentist next week.

The company plans to expand to 20 Indian cities by end of this year and hopes to become India’s largest content based healthcare platform by acquiring nearly one million users for its application.

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