By going Online, trading will generate revenue: Kota partners

This calls for a huge debate when it comes to deciding that which medium out of online and offline trading is better when cost saving is involved. Talking about offline which involves high overhead costs, the dealers charge commissions and rates for their services.

Indians now have internet access, which results in a dramatic change occurring in the IT industry also where in today’s time and age more and more investors and traders are moving away from offline trading towards online trading.

Talking to The DQ Channels, Manmohan, President, Hadoti Computers Traders Society (HCTS) shared the current mindset regarding migration from offline trading to online trading of the computer traders in Kota.

Manmohan said, “Traders in the city are now focusing more on security systems than on computers trading. Dealers believe that sticking to only computer’s dealing will not generate good revenue for them specially being offline, thus moving to online keeping computer’s trading as an option will generate a good revenue to them.”

“At present, Kota IT market is facing many ups and downs. Demonetization resulted in low cash flow in the country, thus people now are controlling their expenses specially on IT products resulting in low business to Kota IT dealers,” Manmohan added.

The major reason to move in security systems via online business can be the need to utilize new opportunities in the field, also trading in computers lead to low business in off season, for example, during wedding seasons people do not invest in IT products like computers.

With the changing demands and scenario of the market today, dealers in Kota are investing more on security systems that to being online.

Since online trading increases the human labor for installations, deliveries etc. not all the traders are interested in moving online.

On the other hand, offline trading is the traditional medium, wherein customers place orders with the dealer either by walking to the store or over the phone. To be an online trader, one needs to have high net accessibility with a fast and professional execution of orders that can consider customer’s demand on time.

Since the dealer plays a key role in this whole working, as in the dealer should be good at execution of orders and should be pro active in information sharing helping the business to grow.

Remember, the dealer’s experience in the market is also a crucial factor. One might also want to negotiate on the trading exposure and the fee that is charged which can only be done physically which happens offline. Unlike the online medium, offline dealers are more flexible with the rates charged. Thus, both the mediums have their own pros and cons. Since Kota IT dealers are involved equally in both the mediums, the question that which medium is best for high revenue generation remains unanswered.


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