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Iris Computers Is Back With Sanjiv Krishen

Iris Computers is ready to take a high development route with its founder Sanjiv Krishen. Also, Dragon Singapore has obtained the controlling stake in Iris Computers through InflexionPoint. It has now renounced its hold leaving Iris in the hands of Sanjiv Krishen, who initially created the company in 1996.

Iris Computers Ltd distributes computer systems and peripherals from leading OEMs such as HP, Dell, Samsung and LG, throughout its network of branches across the country. Iris demonstrates steady business development for more than 20 years reaching a turnover of Rs 2,600 crores.

Requiring fresh investment for further expansion of the company Iris Computers tied up with Dragon, Singapore 4 years ago for additional limits.
However, in September month of previous year Dragon closed down in Singapore as it was not capable to fulfil its further duties. Sanjiv Krishen acquired the company from them for a few compelling reasons:

  1. To ensure that the jobs of the company’s employees – the Iris family – remained secure.
  2. To maintain the continuous flow and running of the business between vendors and Iris resellers.
  3. To reinfuse the original ‘Iris responsiveness’ and enthusiasm that the partners and customers missed.

Partners of Iris Computers are spread throughout the country and pleased at the turn of events as they missed the unique distribution method of Iris Computers. Led by Sanjiv Krishen the company is back with its aggressive, innovative style of distribution which was the core expertise of Iris Computers.

The original management team of Kamini Talwar, Som Arya, Sameer Chaudhary and Himanshu Chawla are back to steer the company to new heights of success. The company is open virtually 24X7 for its partners and willing to go to any legitimate length to fulfil the order in time.

The rapid countrywide expansion of the company to establish partners deep in the interiors was possible due to its “risk-taking ability”. The large network of partners gave Iris Computers an edge over its competitors besides making it very strong commercially.

As a leader in its field, the company soon adapted itself to the new age mantra and went all digital bringing greater transparency in its transactions with the vendors which were deeply appreciated by them and the large number of them are now fully supporting the company.

In this kind of scenario, it was not very difficult for Iris Computers to bag some large orders.

With an astute business sense, Iris Computers has aligned itself with the national goals of Digital India, which provides huge potential for growth for IT companies. It aims to build digital infrastructure and smart cities throughout the length and breadth of the country, for governance, provision of services, the spread of digital literacy and digital empowerment.

Iris Computers, through its partner, has been able to bag an order of Rs.60 crore from the Jharkhand government to provide tablets. The tablet is smaller in size than a laptop, with a touchscreen display and without a keyboard or mouse attached. Typing can be done by touching the on-screen keyboard and similarly, commands can be given on the touchscreen

Another significant order which they have been able to procure is from the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan worth Rs.38 crore. Iris Computers has delivered and installed 25 software loaded desktops in each of their language laboratories. This has been a gargantuan logistical task as 8,000 desktops have been delivered and installed in 320 schools across the length and breadth of the country.


Iris has new and exciting plans for diversification into different innovative areas. Some of the ideas already explored and tapped into are:

  • Solar Panel powered Tube wells
  • Computer Rental Services
  • Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Mobility

It is important for Iris Computers to work towards steady and sustainable growth. To achieve this, Sanjiv Krishen has channelled his energies into trimming the company, working towards increased profitability and generally running a tighter ship. The months ahead will show positive results.

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